Samsung Galaxy J5 in Test: Why Is It So Popular?

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Galaxy J5 offers a good quality given the price. In addition to a 5-inch AMOLED screen in HD is also LTE on board. It wont old Samsung virtues that die out top devices with exchangeable battery and expandable memory. Best price on the Internet: 175.00 Euro * order this product at Amazon Pro LTE, NFC bright, high-contrast display memory card slot battery exchangeable good operating pace ordinary endurance contra no mark of editorial 2.69 satisfying user rating (out of 6 reviews) Samsung Galaxy J5 is larger and better equipped than the cheaper Galaxy J1. Processor and display separate worlds. Design, there are, however, very similar. Although quite attractive the J5 to affect press images, is similar to that at times even the expensive S-class, but in reality, it is a simple plastic journeyman: 7.9 millimeters thick (the camera 8.2 mm) and 143 grams.
The frame: plastic in chrome finish, the back: plastic in plastic optics. With smooth, rather slippery surfaces, you should have no problem. Apart is the processing in order. The keys provide a good pressure point, all edges are rounded off, the display sits without disturbing edge in the housing.

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5-inch AMOLED display: bright and contrasty

While actually the processor is the heart of a Smartphone, but the screen is the decisive component in truth. And here the J5 cuts a good figure. Samsung lets you jump: a 5-inch AMOLED display. Unlike LCD displays the pixels are not illuminated from behind, but light itself and black means black pixel out sick. The Visual Test and measurements in the laboratory have shown that the J5 also has a remarkable brightness. With 566 cd / m² and a contrast of 2,430: 1 completed’s measurements with flying colors. Unfortunately missing a brightness sensor and therefore you must manually readjust. What day looks quite good in the open air, is too bright in the dark bedroom at night. The resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels while alright, but if you have good eyes, can make out individual pixels and in bright areas is to identify the AMOLED matrix Hinsehen. Nevertheless, the screen with the large viewing angle the bottom line features of the J5. Apart from the sharpness, even many, far more expensive models have left.

Galaxy means nothing once

The name Samsung Galaxy way, says nothing about the device class and extends from the Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 top models of the a-grade A3/A5/A7 quite down. Where the Galaxy J1 is located.
Samsung opts for the key layout with two sensor switches and mechanical navigation button in the top models. The Central button has an excellent pressure point and the menu and the back button are always visible even without lighting. Advantage: No image content for the insertion of virtual keys is lost.

Processor and speed

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 400/410 four arm ensures the motor cortex-A53 computing cores with up to 1.19 ghz. In conjunction with 1.5 gigabyte memory and the Adreno 306 graphics unit comes the J5 at a decent pace. Long not upper class, but in a higher League than the cheap J1. A gambler mobile but is not the J5 it yet. Most games run properly yet and in everyday operation and opening apps goes fast. A similarly equipped Motorola has left Moto G3 at least benchmarks.

Android 5.1 and the memory

The J5 of the Galaxy runs Android 5.1. This Android 6.0 could eliminate a deficiency: less of the protected area of the system, namely only 4.65 GB remain usable. Android 6 you can banish all apps on the memory card, Android 5.1 which is only one and not with all the apps. This was closed on the J5 in the test also thick memory cards to and swallowed up to 200 gigabytes. About Android, Samsung inverts the own touchwiz interface.

Ordinary endurance

The J5 is equipped with a removable battery with a capacity of 2,600 milliamp hours. In the laboratory it kept in the Our site-intensive usage profile 35 hours 11 hours and 18 minutes, with low usage. At least in this discipline, the J5 lets cars such as Galaxy S6 (9:16 / 28:40), iphone 6 (9:53 / 29:20), Lumia 950 (8:20 / 25:22) and the Galaxy S5 (10:42 / 33:07) behind it. The ultra energy-saving mode restricts the functionality and sets the display to grayscale display, everything from the battery out to kitzeln.


The J5 is equipped with a 13 and a 5-megapixel camera. During daylight hours blurs and edges inaccuracies, fringing, patchy picture noise and smooth drawing resulted in dark areas for the Visual Test verdict sufficient (Note: 3.98). Thanks to a short exposure time, moving objects were relatively sharp. In the dark, shots are very grainy and out of focus. The Flash provides for remedy and allows usable shots. The full-HD video quality is satisfactory and also the front camera is doing a solid job. The recordings were somewhat blurred and distorted color, but still enough in the Selfie snapping for the vision test touch 2.78.

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In the UMTS network transmission and reception quality is satisfactory, good in the LTE network. The J5 sparks in the Wi-Fi b/g/n standard, ac and 5-ghz band is missing. Bluetooth is in version 4.1 on board. In the listening test, the mobile phoning presented sound good, there were slight errors with the hands-free. Without an Internet connection the radio entertains on the road but only when the headphone is plugged. The Galaxy J5 is available as a dual-SIM version.

Bottom line: Samsung Galaxy J5

Optical is the J5 although related with the small cheap J1, but technically the two worlds separate. The Galaxy J5 has a good display, a sufficiently fast processor, usable cameras and has a healthy endurance. Before purchasing you should are holding but once the appliance to check whether the touch tells you to.