Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy SIII Note II Could Receive Your Dose of KitKat in March

4.4 Android some months ago which is between us, although at the moment very few enjoy the latest version of Android on their smartphones. Slowly, leading manufacturers have been releasing garment about your upgrade plans, although Samsung not confirmed or debunked anything respective to their terminals last year flag.
Their latest devices of higher rank, Note Galaxy 3 and Galaxy S4 have already received or are in the full distribution of the official update to Android 4.4, and now some sources echoed of a so-called word of an engineer of Samsung, which He says that the Note II and Galaxy S3 will also have their own firmwares official KitKat.
In addition, seems that the release of the update will occur very soon, as indicated that It will be at the end of March when it is expected that Samsung start distribution global update, process which as always will be made gradually, starting with the main markets of the Korean giant-free terminals.
However, and although obviously we can enjoy all the advances that Google has implemented in Android 4.4, it seems that not all proprietary improvements that we see in the S4 Galaxy and Galaxy Note 3 will be available on its predecessors, because there are certain limitations of hardware that prevent it.
Either way, they are good news for holders of two terminals of the generation above, but very effective today merits and capabilities. We will be alert to warn you when Samsung confirm information already officially.