Samsung Experience with Vulkan in TouchWiz and Finds a Great Saving of Battery

Vulkan is not making too much noise, but this graphic API is practically here as evidenced by its presence in the Android N. 2 preview But its advantages not only apply to video games and polygonal modeling in general, as always indicated as its pillar. Samsung has done an experiment with your launcher and has obtained good results.
During the Samsung Developers Conference that is taking place these days in San Francisco, they have presented a version of TouchWiz developed under Vulkan has achieved improvements in performance and reduction in the consumption of battery, without being in depth in its potential.
The only thing that the South Korean giant engineers have made has been to create a prototype of TouchWiz from the API, but nor has been designed to take advantage of or all its possibilities have been used in it. After they have begun to take steps to quantify the differences between the two versions.
The first thing I have found, has Android Central, is a battery-saving that managed to increase its duration of a stack of 3. 600mAh up in 40 minutes. They have scored reduction in consumption from 6.40% to scroll pages and a 5.76% at the opening and closing apps. On the other hand also has appreciated a performance increase in some tasks.
This has nothing to do with Good Lock, the experimental interface that changes the way of understanding the lock screen, notifications and adjustments faster than also part of OpenGL ES. It is a different test to see what can be achieved with this new API more than improvements in 3D graphics and games.