Samsung Confirms That The Galaxy SII Will Not Have The Locked Bootloader

Two days ago we did we Supercurio, an Android Developer talks echo, with Samsung on Twitter. As well, as a result of these exchanges of tweets, Samsung has confirmed the community that the Samsung Galaxy SII will bring the unlocked bootloader. The concern arose after this phrase:

The SII Galaxy shows a boot special if it starts with custom ROMs or rooted device.

But later came the reply from Samsung for peace of all of us:

Samsung does not use neither now nor in the future a bootloader locked on their Android devices unless Google claim it us expressly! The type of file system is EXT4, whereupon there will be any problem due to lag, etc..

This means, moreover, that Samsung has finally taken a step backwards after listen to the complaints of the community about the file system RFS, that I didn’t have the expected yield, and returned to the EXT4, opening wide the doors to development, modding and custom ROMs.

Last tweet spoke not confirmed that Samsung It will release the source code for the Samsung Galaxy SII before its release, and that could happen during the Easter dates or shortly thereafter, which would confirm that Samsung wants to do things right this time.

You like this information? Frankly, seems to us very important the the user community support, so this type of confirmation cannot fail to seem like very good news.

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