Samsung Blocks The Operation of Accessories of Third for Galaxy Note 3 in Your Last Update

The update of Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 KitKat is coming officially as I discussed and today it has unveiled an unexpected side-effect of this update.
The third party accessories (read not official) covers style you enable type S-View style book they have stopped working not having an identification chip. It seems Samsung has begun to use it in this update and this means, that if you don’t have a Samsung cover will no longer be a cover active and will not turn on / turn off the screen or when you open / close nor the small window.
With this update to Android KitKat, Samsung has started to check the identification of a proprietary chip and if it does not receive response fixture will not operate actively.
It is more than likely that these problems extend to other accessories and end up affecting thousands of users even though I warned that solution, is no requires that you have your Note 3 rooted. It’s install Xposed Framework and activate the MOD S-View All covers.
This is obviously a step Samsung It has given to promote the sales of accessories, the interesting thing is that it has not been given anything else launches device and Yes, with consequent damage of image that can make these companies of accessories that sell you something that works and then stops working (after upgrade).
Who knows if Samsung graduate this chip identification to third parties or if you keep him in private as a differentiator against accessories companies.