Salomon XA Running Cap

Salomon caps – casual headwear for any occasion

Easy always go caps! In everyday life, travel, rock climbing or hiking, if so fashion accessory or functionally, caps are included. Caps are comfortable, versatile, protect the face from aggressive sunlight and look really cool. So, it has its reason why caps have become the most popular head coverings over the years. With fashionable Cape, you can fully and completely the outdoor dive into adventure, or enjoy just plain everyday!

Caps for every occasion

Caps are there for every conceivable activity. For what caps it decides at the end comes naturally on the own taste. However, there are there quite a few differences. But don’t worry, the matching caps are quickly found!
If the Weatherman keeps his well-deserved hibernation and the thermometer would just stop rising, caps, which are specially designed for low temperatures are recommended. Lined caps keep warm keep head even at low temperatures. Along with a cozy ear protection are well equipped on cold days. Cool caps in the so-called trucker design are something for hot days.
The back of this cap is made of breathable mesh material. So the head in sweaty sports from overheating is protected and your face gets donated through the screen at the same time pleasant shade. Plate caps keep the header area completely free and are also a good sun protection. Also, sweat is absorbed similar like a headband. There’s also caps made of functional materials for use in wind and weather. Waterproof and windproof fabrics keep the head while always beautiful dry.

Caps as a lifestyle accessory

Fashion caps, you can show flag for a sporty casual lifestyle in daily life. Whether in a funky and cool design or rather retro, caps always class and casual loose look! For those who like more classical, falls back on golf. These caps are usually made of cotton material and have a cool and casual style.
But no matter what caps it favors, one is always clear: they look just great! Caps are loose, light head coverings with a wonderfully comfortable wearing comfort. Through the numerous models that have failed to classic really everything to offer, you can look at any time. Class!