Sales of HTC in 2016 Would Have Fallen at Least a 33% According to The Latest Forecasts

That HTC happens precisely because of its best moments is not well-known. Before the rise of new brands and the strength of Huawei or Samsung Android segment, the Taiwanese have failed to find her hole. Sales have not done more than go down in recent years, despite the critical acclaim received by its terminal star of 2016, HTC 10.
With an eye already on 12 January, date chosen by the company to teach us “something”, the latest news on HTC is forecast of sales from the total of 2016 which are not too encouraging. Compared to 18 million smartphones sold by brand by 2015, estimates suggest that the figure in the year ending this week they would stay in only 10-12 million.
It seems that the reduction of the gap of HTC smartphones market is unstoppable. During the past 12 months Taiwan brand has continued trying to attract users, with HTC 10 per flag and different variants of this and new Desire for ranges middle and low, but if the forecasts are accurate, the bet would have not worked.
Forecasts from industry sources that collects Digitimes points to that HTC would have managed to bring into the pockets of users between 10 and 12 million smartphones, a sharp decline from 18 million in 2015. There would be a single guilty of that descent region, Since sales have fallen so much in the United States, as in Europe or China.
On January 12 it can be a key date for the evolution of HTC
Nor it would be better to other brands of Taiwan. ASUS, which snatched the title of largest seller of smartphones in the country by 2015, to HTC would have sold 20 million mobile devices in 2016, from 25 in the previous year, while Acer would be below five million, half in 2015. Now wait for that mysterious presentation of HTC on January 12. There will new smartphone be? Will it be the turn of some new VR device?