Saddle Bags and Frame Bags for Cycling

Space for the most important emergency equipment at the racing bikes: saddle bags

An excellent choice and class alternative to a bulky handlebar bag or even a heavy bike backpack! The practical companion not be noticed at all, at the latest when a flat tire biker cannot do without them. Saddle bags stay unlike panniers for bicycle travel, which fixed most of the time. Therefore, the acquisition of a well-equipped, adapted to the individual needs of model worth. For bikers who travel with the bike, Norco, VAUDE and EVOC have the right bag as described on transporthint.

The right size and the right fixing system

Depending on the size and model, the most important gear can be stowed in a matching Saddle bag. The smaller variants are large enough for replacement hoses, the tool and co. And already the tour goes on at a roadside soon.
There on the road bike and mountain bike a carrier bag not can be mounted saddle bags are a simple solution. You do not disturb and regards the weight barely noticed. The pockets are easily attached under the saddle. A Klickfix system or sensibly placed Velcro fasteners are very handy and fix the Saddle bag optimally and reliably. On the track the bag not annoying around shaking, in the evening or for the detour in the beer garden are easy to remove and take. Also important is the correct size of a Saddle bag. Depending on how much and which tool will bring organization and mounting options are useful inside the vintage bag. These are missing, or the bag is too big, strum the tools around and in disarray. Inside pockets, pockets, and elastic fixation are very helpful, practical additions.

Useful additional details of saddle bags

In addition to the emergency and roadside equipment in addition energy gel gels and small parts can be stowed such as keychain or a little cash in the Saddle bag. So the Jersey bags stay free and it has saved themselves this saddle so easily accessible and therefore especially valuable place. Some models are equipped with external mounting options. This for example protectors can be and fix saver – practically on long, exhausting mountain to passages.