S. Café® Functional Clothing: The Potential of Coffee Bean!

Function coverings from S. Café® take advantage of the hitherto unsuspected potential of the coffee bean. Clothing from the innovative S. Café® textiles combine a variety of functional material properties, which provide more comfort in outdoor sports . Find out more about the special properties of S. Café® textiles…

The origin of coffee

The consumption of coffee is deeply ingrained in human cultures. Generally the region of Kaffa in southwestern of Ethiopia as the place of origin of the coffee. First traditions from the 9th century already mention the wondrously rejuvenating effects of the coffee bean. It is assumed that the coffee was brought to Arabia in the 14th century with the caravans of the slave traders.
The recipe, where the coffee beans are roasted and then infused with hot water, takes its spread since the middle of the 15th century. In a very short time, the town was mocha, the today’s al Mukha in Yemen, the monopoly for cultivation and trading of coffee, whose Beliebtheit spread as rapidly across the globe.
Today, the abundance of different coffee varieties and types of preparations is hard even to comprehend. Coffee is a general cultural heritage, both in the countries of the Orient as also of the Occident.
But the inherent coffee characteristics make him not just a beverage with a long tradition, but are raw coffee also for the production of functional Outdoortextilien.

The origin of S. Café® textiles

What would have been if Jason Chen and his wife not have sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop on the day when an elderly lady to pack the coffee grounds from the upper left? The Chen inquired after the unusual behavior, which the waiter replied:
“Coffee grounds can dispel odors out of the refrigerator”. An idea was born: why not also from the clothes? The textile entrepreneur was unstoppable.
Today, 300-400 employees gather daily around 500 kg of coffee waste from the surrounding Cafés and restaurants. After long research succeeded in actually the Singtex team, with coffee particles a material to establish that functional clothing and also the environment meets the high demands. Two T-Shirts can arise out of a cup of coffee. The now patented fiber is to stir up the market for eco-textiles and to conquer. True to the slogan: “Drink it, wear it!” Well-known companies, such as, for example, the our planet, Maier sports or even Exxtasy trust on this innovative textile, made from coffee grounds.

Production of S. Café® textiles

For the production of S. Café® functional materials are used exclusively coffee waste. Makes S. Café® a product that emerges from the recycling of coffee waste. Thus the raw material is coffee producing S. Café® materials removed from the consumer market and makes S.Cafe a very energy efficient natural substance that comes out fully without the addition of other chemicals.

Properties of products S. Café®

  1. Café® is the intelligent combination of modern functional materials for outdoor activities with coffee! The addition of coffee gives the textiles miraculously extremely improved UV protection, as well as quick-drying and odour-neutralising material properties.
  2. Café® dry up to 200 times faster than regular Baumwollbekleidungen textiles. Addition to the Kaffeepratikel in S. Café® function coverings strong odour neutralising effect. Properties, S. Café® products make ideal companions for sweaty sporting activities under the open sky.

S. Café® with bluesign® standard

Standard checks the manufacturing process, the used raw materials, the chemical components used the bluesign® up to expenditure of the water and power reserves in the production. With the stated aim of the environmental impact, both to reduce the generation of waste as too harmful emissions.
Since 2008 is S. Café® of official system partner of bluesign® has become one of the most stringent environmental standards in the industry.
Again and again we point out by McTREK on the efforts a stronger orientation towards ecologically sustainable and socially responsible production standards in the throughout. S. Café® is another promising step in, to minimize the human footprint in the nature and to bring modern clothing technology in accordance with the needs.

Our planet S. Café® products

The brand of our planet already has a whole S. Café® outdoor collection placed on the market. The our planet S.Cafe® product portfolio includes both modern microfleece jackets and pants, sweaters, and T-Shirts, as well as a whole sports underwear baselayer collection.
Functional clothing of our planet from the innovative S.Cafe® fabrics you will find exclusively at McTREK outdoor sports.

S.Cafe clothing

But not only the brand of our planet takes advantage of the special properties of coffee grounds-based functional textiles. The multimedia specialist Maier sports or the innovative S use the brand Exxtasy . Café textiles for their clothing collections.

Sustainably produced products at McTREK

Interested in high quality outdoor with a high environmental standard and this from raw material extraction to the production, then look in our McTREK outdoor sports shop or visit us at one of our 36 McTREK stores. It offers S. Café® collection of our planet, as well as a large selection of bluesign® and Green Shape certified products!