Russia Accelerates with The Mobile OS Android-Racing: What We Know about This Project

Russian engineers have already hands to work in the creation of a own mobile operating system enabling the country to escape from the tyranny of Android, iOS and the NSA. It being a private company controlled by a billionaire of the transports, although the Government of Russia already unveiled its investment plan public. Now the Communications Minister has openly shown its support in search of talent.
For the moment there is more speculation than certainty about this project. Indeed, we don’t even know yet what will be the name of this mobile OS. But some basic concepts of the technology being used, which make it quite clear that Android is its model and at the same time his rival.
Who it financed and who runs it? What are their terms? What objectives have been marked? What smartphones will use it? We already have some answers.

Open Mobile Platform, the company that brings you

The Russian project to build its own mobile platform was unveiled just a year ago, in the middle of may 2015. The initiative came from the Government, specifically the Ministry of communications. Minister Nikolai Nikiforov met with officials from La Jolla and they agreed to create the new operating system from Sailfish OS, another project that part of Linux, which is compatible with Android apps and collecting pieces of MeGoo took the labor of Nokia.
Headquarters of Open Mobile Platform
However, she’s just reappear in the form of private initiative. The company Open Mobile Platform, located in Innopolis, next to Kazan, you are asking about a dozen workers for a project, described, it is identical to that was presented by the Moscow authorities in 2015.
The company’s mission is to create “a mobile open platform independent” aimed at end users and at the same time be able to flourish the industry of local development. On the other hand, its short-term objective is to create the core of the system and the ecosystem around that serve to meet the needs of the Russian market at the same time respecting its regulation.
Among its values, they say, is “maintenance of the” consumer privacy using their mobile devices”. Because behind it all is control that keep American companies in this field and the uncertainty over whether takes advantage of the U.S. Government for recording conversations. The concern grew in Russian when their asylum Eduard Snowden leaked the results of international espionage.

Who is who in Russian Mobile OS

Through the website of Head Hunter jobs, Open Mobile Platform seeks to cover ten different jobs as the of developed SDK, mobile applications, security expert or specialist in development of low level. I have not managed to decipher how many vacancies there are of each type.
There are two reasons to be confident that capital flows will be constant. The first, that Government support is still present. In addition to the 2,200 million rubles of public investment (30 million euros), the Minister Nikiforov is among those who have given this job search broadcast with a message posted via his personal Twitter account.

Российский центр разработки новой мобильной операционной открыл вакансии системы Пжлст, RT

— Николай Никифоров (@nnikiforov) may 5, 2016
On the other hand, Open Mobile platform is back to one of the magnates of the transport and communications. The head of the company is Gregory Berezkin (CEO of ESN Group) which has organized a network of companies to link this new startup with Jolla. Your company Votron has created the new company and, at the same time, is the proprietary principal of Sailfish Holding, a company located in Hong Kong under which the Finnish company that develops Sailfish OS is housed.

Imminent release as a mere adaptation of Sailfish

When a year ago three parts closed the agreement, the Russian Minister presented his ambitious roadmap for the implementation of the operating system. It aims to reduce the share of markets of foreign platforms to 75% in 2020 and 50% by 2025.
We are in the middle of 2016 and all concrete at the moment is that a team that develops this OS is forming. In addition, Juhani Lassila, director of communication of Jolla, has offered the keys of this development in the company’s blog.
The main task of Open Mobile platform is “locate Sailfish OS, enrich it with Russian local services and pre-installed applications and adapt it for smartphones and tablets Russian”. In addition, Lassila ensures that there are a number of resources dedicated to improving the operating system base, feedback between the two projects.
But when it comes to realize, things are not going much beyond the translation of all articles and other adaptations. The own Berezkin acknowledged in an interview with the Vedomosti newspaper that there will be additional security measures, complying with as to what was one of the basic principles of this state plan.

What mobile use will it? First, low cost

It is not only ambitious long-term approach, also is it that handle in the short term. In his interview, the President of the new company has promised that the first mobile with the new operating system will be soon in the market.
Its aim is not only to have presence in the software, also intend to consolidate an infrastructure that allows the manufacture of hardware. The first local company, Yota, has failed to make big sales but in Engadget was put in value the double mounted of the remarkable Yotaphone 2 innovative contribution. Error, experts believe, it was to launch an expensive smartphone for a society such as the own.
A bug that has been taken into account. And although Berezkin has not confirmed, the words of this shark from the business point to his conquest of the market will be from the range of input and popular prices. A segment very competitive by manufacturers around the world, but not from the local point of view.

Difficult, but not impossible

The current Russia is not the Soviet Union, which was able to industrialize a country in half a century and win the space race, but has a strong community of independent developers who can give very good results if it is stimulated properly. Especially in the field of security, since specialized in take advantage of failures and the third by exploits software vulnerabilities.
And what better than that great investment to make glue between developers and the program. The Russians have an experienced partner to put the base, a director with much power, flashes of talent and money. Now have to make it work.
Had also taken by crazy makers of Android if 10 years ago we had been sold his domain of mobile (and real) life in a very close future. Do far Russia in this new race against the United States?