Running Jackets for Any Season and All Weather

Running jackets – light and breathable belongs to pre-season in winter a running jacket to the absolute basic equipment for each runner

Running jackets for all seasons

In like summer trail units! Applies when jogging or trail running: the upper body is optimally protected, it runs is significantly more relaxed. Therefore, unpleasant weather is no excuse with real running clothes! The design, the design and the functional characteristics of a running jacket play an important role.

The most important functions of a running jacket

This be to keep the body dry and protected from wind. Here, running jackets have a large intersection with windstopper and rain jackets. But special running clothing has advantages as well as running shoes – with worn out sneakers, no one on the line goes! The big manufacturers have much experience in running and developing in close collaboration with top athletes. Therefore convince running jackets from Dynafit, INOV-8, Salomon, Adidas and Pearl Izumi through a consistent, thought to end design. Every small detail has a function and has its purpose.

Protection against wind, weather and cooling the upper body

A good running jacket is characterized by a meaningful mix of materials. Particularly sensitive areas of the body are protected from the wind, cold and drizzle. Heat and steam can escape through the material and strategically placed vents. Shirts and running jackets are therefore equipped with a ventilation and are made of windproof material and are water resistant. A reliable respiratory activity is equally important, membrane models apply here now as standard.
On the road with the proper running and jogging jacket

An effective location system during jogging and trail running

The onion principle is jogging and trail running like at any outdoor sports duty. Directly on the body, an adjacent, moisture-conductive layer ensures a dry body climate. May be followed by a running shirt and the running jacket protects against the elements. The sizes of jackets and their interfaces are adapted to the respective application. A light wind jacket up and running is more natural to cut, because she must be combined with less.

Additional, practical details of running jackets

At the latest article after the first few kilometres, you notice immediately if a running jacket is well done. Disturbed by the runners in the movement? A bag for the keychain has the jacket? Keep the sleeves in position and the kidney area is protected? These are small details that are absolutely essential. Additional amenities are clean then cuffs with thumb loops, a soft-lined collar with chin guard and a headphone output. These increase the comfort during long sessions. Runners who are looking for the pleasure and the experience put value on quiet, rustle-free material. Who is versatile selects a model with the Zipp BAREN sleeves. In the blink of an eye, the runner has a lightweight running vest. And you go on windy days with optimally protected upper body on the line, while overheating is excluded.