Rumors Are Running That Apple Released ITunes for Android

Since the announcement of Android, relations between Google and Apple have been quite tense as far as mobile concern. We have had a war of patent which continues to the present day and Steve Jobs already said that he would do everything possible that Android disappearance from the face of the Earth, something that, fortunately for everyone, did not meet.
Even so, Google has launched many of their applications for iOS devices, while Apple has not taken a single application you to Android despite the potential market that would have. A company policy that offers exclusivity to its customers that could change radically according to the latest rumors that have come to light.
As he says of filtered information, Apple is preparing a version of iTunes for Android to increase its market share. The goal is to make competition to Spotify and both offer the sale of songs that made him famous as well as Match iTunes, which allows us to synchronize our local music with music in the cloud.
The departure, if true, would be along this year 2014, but without more details. Steve Jobs already said at the time that would not take their applications to Android because it not interested to make their users happier, something very unlike what proclaims Tim Cook, who has no belief firm about not port software. In any case, it would be a very strange move that would seek a change of direction of Apple and could dramatically change relations between Cupertino and Mountain View.