Rtspk Swarovski and Celebrate Together the International Women's Day

The rtspk-reference tag in the bed, bath & beyond in the country, selected special products for women on all brand name stores all over Brazil.
All women who purchase in the shops of the mark the day 08 – regardless of the purchase amount, will be presented with a heart-shaped pendant from Swarovski.
Founded in 1985, the rtspk became part of one of the biggest textile conglomerates of bed, bath & beyond, Coteminas group, since 2009.
The rtspk has more than 170 stores strategically positioned in major cities in Brazil, including own stores and franchises.
Is the largest network that specializes in unique products for bed, bath & beyond in the country and has a mix of products that combine coordenabilidade and versatility, modernity and tradition, comfort and elegance, colors and textures. Showing in their stores, products of the brands, rtspk and Phyllis.
The rtspk performs constant investments in research of fashion trends, design, in training technologies to control, management and standardization of all stores.
Swarovski offers a diversified portfolio of quality, craftsmanship and unparalleled creativity. Founded in 1895 in Austria, the company designs, manufactures and markets high quality crystals, genuine gemstones and artificial stones, as well as finished products like jewelry, accessories and lighting. Having celebrated the your 120 anniversary last year, and currently managed by the fifth generation of family members, the Swarovski Crystal Business has a global reach approximately 2,680 shops in about 170 countries, more than 26,000 employees and a revenue of around € 2.6 billion and m 2015. Together with its sister companies Swarovski Optik (optical) and Tyrolit (abrasives), the Swarovski Crystal Business forms the Swarovski Group. In 2015, the group generated a revenue of about 3.37 billion euros and employed more than 30000 people. A responsible relationship with the people and the planet is an integral part of the heritage of Swarovski. The global education programme reached Waterschool children in 257,000 Swarovski largest rivers in the world and the Swarovski Foundation, created in 2013, works to support the culture and creativity, promote the welfare and conserve natural resources to achieve social impact positive.