RTL 7 Darts Programma WK 2014

RTL7 since 2011 the ultimate darts channel in the Netherlands.Through this channel has since been almost to follow all the main events in darts league PDC live on TV. Which tournaments sends RTL7 exactly 2014?


In the nineties, darts, including the success of Raymond van Barneveld, hyper popular in the Netherlands. At first, the Dutch darts fans due to the British public the BBC program to follow the great performance of Van Barneveld. As a result of these successes NOS Studio Sport was at the time, or pay some attention to darts, but only to a limited extent.
SBS6 nineties late Dutch darts station
SBS6 was the first Dutch station is really serious and grandiose at the arrows were targeting . In the years around the turn was the true Dutch SBS6 dart station. They sent the World Cup in BDO live, but also other tournaments in the European Union, including events where SBS6 acted as co-arranger. DART SBS6 broadcasts at that time were large television audience success.
During the heyday SBS6 darts station Netherlands, RTL7 competitor also showed some interest in the darts world.SBS6 sent before the tournament from BDO, RTL7 then decided to broadcast the World Cup in the competitive league PDC. Since then, the most prominent Dutch darters played for the BDO, the Dutch public was not unusually great interest in the World Cup in PDC. The first period program RTL 7 from the PDC tournament was not a big hit, and not for very long. RTL7 then decided to focus currently no longer on the darts.
Later, when many Dutch topdarters switched from the BDO to the PDC, SBS6 was the station where the matches of the PDC showed. Over the years the popularity of darts was in the Netherlands to make a small dip. As a result, SBS6 did also pay less attention to darts. Tournaments previously still sent, was now only sometimes late at night aired a brief summary.
RTL7 since 2011 Dutch darts station
from 2011, moved the TV rights in the PDC tournaments SBS6 back to RTL 7. This time RTL7 decided to deal with major . In 2011 there were nine tournaments live broadcast by RTL 7. Then RTL7, especially from 2012, with the wind. In that year the phenomenon Michael van Gerwen her big break in the world. Thanks to breakthrough media-Van Gerwen came at a stroke end the dip where the popularity of darts in the Netherlands were hidden. Darts has again become one of the most popular televised sport in the Netherlands.

Live dart på TV i 2014: RTL7

The major darts events, RTL 7 broadcasts live, his PDC World Championship Darts and PDC Premier League Darts. In addition, they also transfer other prestigious tournaments in the PDC agenda World Matchplay, The Masters and the Grand Slam of Darts. Most of these tournaments are also broadcast by British Channel SkySports, some other tournaments are broadcast in the UK by ITV Sport. Below is an overview of the dart tournament will be broadcast by RTL 7. This is not a definitive list. Once known or certain tournaments or may not be broadcast on RTL 7, then this list is updated.
Calendar of live darts on RTL7 2014

  • PDC World Championship Darts-t / m 1 januari
  • Premier League of Darts-Februari 6 t / m 22 maj
  • UK Open-7 t / m 9 MARS
  • World Series Dubai-May 29 and 30
  • World Cup of Darts-6 t / m 8 Jun
  • World Matchplay-19 t / m 27 juli
  • Singapore Darts Masters-15th and August 16th
  • Perth Dart Masters-22 t / m 24 aug
  • Sydney Dart Masters-28 t / m 30 augusti
  • World Grand Prix-6 t / m 12 OKTOBER
  • EM-24 t / m 26 okt
  • Masters-1st and November 2nd
  • Grand Slam of Darts-8 t / m November 16
  • Players Championship Finals-28 t / m 30 november
  • PDC World Championship Darts-18 dec, 2014 t / m 4 JANUARI 2015

Live Darts on TV: Other

While in 2014, RTL 7 broadcasts the main events in darts league PDC, several tournaments competing union BDO broadcast by Eurosport. Examples are the Dutch Open and the BDO World Championship. This World Cup is, moreover, still live television by the British public the BBC program. Since most topdarters already switched to the PDC, BDO tournaments have been much less clear status. But these events are still interesting to follow, partly because of BDO still is an important breeding ground where many young talented darters initially be active before the latter often goes to the PDC.