Rock Climbing Trousers Review

With climbing pants steeply upwards!

Of course, you can climb in (nearly) every trouser – but a Velcro er pants just many advantages, which you no longer want to Miss already after a short time. Climbing pants offer considerably more freedom of movement as opposed to normal pants. They are specially designed for the movements of climbing and Boulderns and restrict any complex climbing movement. In addition, they are especially durable and robust, which is important especially when climbing on the rock. Of course you must not forgo in an attractive design: climbing trousers there are many manufacturers, in various styles and various colors.

The ideal climbing pants

An important criterion for the selection of climbing pants: the comfort and freedom of movement. Here, particularly high demands are made on climbing pants: you should can easily attract the knees up to the chest and go forward and sideways in the balancing act without that restricts the pants here.
To a somewhat further cut is helpful, as a Strechanteil in the material or inserts made of elastic material in places, especially charged when climbing, such as around the knee. Most models have also already articulated knees to allow maximum freedom of movement.
As climbing trousers be worn almost always with a climbing harness, there are special requirements for their cut: where the belt is on, they are intended to provide as far as possible any wrinkles. And the bags of climbing pants should be easily accessible also by belt.
Climbing trousers there are in different lengths. In the summer a climbing shorts can be comfortable pants that go below the knee, are generally better suitable. So the knee through another layer is protected, when it should be used even when climbing. And long pants often bring benefits in coming around when it goes through the undergrowth.

The fabric of the climbing trousers are made

climbing is a sport in which even to – get sweat in the Sun. Therefore, breathable material is desirable. As regards other requirements, climbing pants don’t have it easy: compared to the rock should they be abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing, easy for the mountaineers, but soft and flexible.