Rock Climbing Training Equipment

Varied exercise with the right climbing holds

Who thinks that climbing handle equal climbing handle and there are no major differences, which is wrong. Just for climbing holds, one can determine huge quality differences. The handle to a high-quality brand product is here most definitely preferable to a cheap product, no matter how tempting the price may be. Finally must also security aspects are training on climbing holds are not only fun and be as varied and effective – it important.

Shapes and colours by climbing holds

All climbing grip was earlier yet the stated goal producers, to create an accurate reproduction of natural rock structures, the focus is different now. Early it was recognized that a more ergonomic grip shape helped to reduce the risk of injury during climbing training. Carpal tunnel syndrome and capsule tears brought holds too sharp edges with finger holes quickly in Veruf.
The most effective climbing training finally climbing holds is held on even healthy holding the great variety of colours in the range of climbing holds has not only a visual effect. Rather, recognizable route progressions can be pretend by the choice of colours, even at first glance. The colour distinction two or even three routes can be placed in a confined area. For all climbers who settle their own small training room for climbing and bouldering at home, the colorful Velcro ERG reefs offer a nice-looking, colorful image that brightens up every dark cellar of training but also simply.

Safety when climbing holds

Another crucial quality characteristic arises from the norm-tested safety. For one, it involves the guarantee that the climbing holds in contact with skin can give off any harmful substances. The second important point is a protection against falling parts, should break even under heavy stress a climbing handle.