Rock Climbing Chalk Balls

Chalk – and the rock is gripped by!

Who doesn’t know it, the white magic powder that belongs to the standard equipment of every climber. The chemist magnesium carbonate and the Turner is called what knows the climber as chalk, magnesia. It dries hands and prevents so effectively that it mercilessly drips from every climbing grip. Just in the summertime small grippy passages and Sloper-heavy routes without chalk quickly become the impossibility.

Not everywhere chalk may be used

in the climbing was the chalk with John Gill, the father of the modern Boulderns. Starting from the United States the chalk spread quickly in the climbing scene and soon were also the first critic to Word. Magnesia is an unlawful aid and even verschandle and destroy’s the rock. First and foremost on the sandstone the latter, so for example in the Saxon Switzerland is prohibited the use of Chalkpulver.

Chalkballs and liquid chalk for the Hall

Especially in climbing halls, where the warm air builds up in the ceiling area, is chalk increasingly used. Because many climbers in a confined space are fine-dust pollution rises sharply. For this reason, many halls ban the use of open chalk. Here chalk – offer itself as an alternative of the Chalkball or the magnesia in liquid form – liquid.