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Who enjoy scenery, want to exercise and speed experiences bring under a hat is well served by a road. The road surface in reasonably good condition is so long, no limit is set exploring different areas of the road: tours in erhebungslosem Plains to steep mountain passes, anything is possible. So the race experience will be a memorable moment, the equipment must fit however: components, frames, and accessories should be adapted to the respective application area.

Race is not the same road

With the differences we go directly to the bike frame: touring and race frame differ significantly in their geometry. The aggressive position in the Racerahmen allows a playful attack, while the touring frame especially on long-haul is proven with his comfort. In material terms, road frames come in different designs: the ultra light carbon frame of aluminium and titanium frame until mixed with carbon fork all variants are conceivable. The frame size must always be adjusted to the body size and geometry of the driver, to avoid back problems and an inefficient pedaling. Road bikes such as those from Ridley come in various geometries, sizes and frame height (specified in inches), so that for each cyclist is right here. < br / > what applies to the components, they are often the decisive factor determining the quality of racing. As for mountain bikes, the circuit frequently by Shimano, which await you with a wide range of quality and weight classes. An optimal pedaling frequency and thus a low energy consumption can be complied with, the translation of the circuit in the range must be adapted. A high gear ratio for use in the level brings heavier speeds and allows a pleasant quiet Cadence at high speeds. In the mountains is a low translation of advantage, which enables an effortless pedalling with their light corridors in slow progress. Wheels with standard or aerodynamically shaped spokes and powerful brakes complete the equipment of every bicycle.

Road bike to buy, rise up and down the post?

Why not – at least for the a lack of head protection, a sore buttocks and helplessness among the first flat tire do not disturb. But the fact is that you should take a little time for planning and equipment for successful and safe cycling. The duty facilities include bike helmets and bicycle goggles, as far as possible to avoid head injuries and fly in the eye. Bike pants provide adequate padding of the ass, which avoids annoying pressure and friction. Bike backpacks come with a form adapted to the seat position and provide space for the emergency tool. Road bike shoes with cleats that click is in compatible pedals can provide an effective appearance with minimum power loss. It is perfectly dressed in the bent position with cycling jerseys and bike jackets, which are available for different weather conditions.