Riachuelo Fashions

Considered one of the three largest networks of Brazil’s Department, the Riachuelo was founded in 1947 and, at first, sold only tissues. Only from 1979 is the network of lojas Riachuelo, now belonging to the Guararapes, went on to start the sale of clothes ready in place. However, your focus to fashion, if given even in the year of 1993, where he developed a great strategy of creating and strengthening of own brands, each with a visual identity and specific audience.
In 2004, the retailer Riachuelo undergoes a major revamp in the visual merchandising of its stores, with reforms and improvements in marketing strategy. Leaving the mainstream media and by investing in the process of vertical integration of the company, betting on products with lower prices, but higher quality.
In the year 2007, investing heavy in the mass media, now, with a new communication campaign, which aims to popularize the fashion, at fair prices, leading style within reach of all. To do this, the company reorganized the entire Department, resulting in the repositioning of its own brands geared to the Australian public.
Currently tuned with the best national and international trends, the Riachuelo takes the title of largest sets of Brazil, with 124 stores distributed throughout the country. With the concept of “fast fashion”-which means agility in the production and distribution of the collections – it ensures fast dissemination of new fashion trends, in addition to generating added value for each collection, making it accessible. The lojas Riachuelo are divided into five sections: women’s fashion, men’s fashion, children’s fashion, fashion house and shoes.