Review: the Silent 4 Watt Wide Illumination Led from OSRAM

A brand new OSRAM GU10 LED spotlight with 6.5 Watts and 120 degree half value angle was record-breaking loud recently here in the test. That wide radiant light but without the buzz goes, proves the weaker 4-Watt model.
This was not a successful chapter in the history of the OSRAM quality management: A newly developed, non-dimmable 450-lumen spotlight with 120-degree leg of light came first to Germany as acoustically unobtrusive prototype from the Chinese factory. An unknown to me number of copies from the first series batch buzzed but with enormous volume – in quiet surroundings to two meters distance audible.
Various complaints followed, and no online shop is currently known me, having this model in the range. To therefore renounce wide radiant light from an OSRAM-GU10 LED lamp? No. If 270 lumens of light power enough for you, there is a new alternative: the “LED Star PAR16 120°” with 4 Watt, 100 candela ofluminous intensity, 2700 Kelvin color temperature and color rendering index RA 80 (picture on the right).
It not only visually differs from the cooling fins reinforced stronger variant with its smooth, surface with no ventilation openings. Instead of ten shine here only seven SMD Chips under the clear plastic cover; he weighs light 40 held 51 grams. Colors are identical (bottom dark grey, above silvery grey), mass (58 mm long, maximum 50 mm diameter) and the nominal service life of 15,000 hours of light, as well as 100,000 switching cycles.

Three year warranty and eco-label A +

These are valid models for both with “LED Star” standard Three-year warranty by OSRAM in, not noncommercial use as well as the “A +” rating in the new EU eco-label – you can read also on the back of Pack:
The pictogram to say the clientele with the House and the left-pointing arrow that she can use these spotlights not outdoors, but only inside. Moisture in any form could otherwise damage the electronics; an IP protection class is not called.
In my open test version the LED spot took only a short amount of time after powering up to full brightness – less than half a second. According to my infrared thermometer, he became warm after two hours “swinging” in the hottest chassis point maximum of 47 degrees.
The “energy meter”meter at this point 4.3 Watts showed real power consumption at a surprisingly poor electrical power factor of only 0.55. I don’t know why a non-dimmable spot with manageable ballast requires so much reactive power.

Decent and silent light

But most important, At any time during the test a disturbing noise was heard, even with the ear directly on the housing – and thus we would have found quite the decisive difference to the 450-lumen version. It is quite possible to build a silent LED spot also in series.
Missing only the quality of the light. She also can convince. Despite the nominally “warm white” 2700 Kelvin is the yellow orange colouring of my default color fidelity model – a red Ducati 916 in miniature against a white background – in limits:
The relatively neutral appearance (photo white balance: “Cloudy sky”) suggests a slightly higher color rendering index than the nominal RA 80. Also the additional single value R9 for the reproduction of Red is likely to be above average for this League. The same applies to skin tones (R13) or foods that seem quite naturally in the OSRAM lamps.

Compelling proposition for halogen friends

It should convince even stubborn halogen fans who are looking for wider radiating, energy saving GU10 retrofits. Bathroom, kitchen, dining area and sitting area are a few of the possible applications – both direct and diffuse indirect lighting.
Officially there is no halogen lamps comparison of OSRAM for this model, because the beam angle are too different (120 instead of about 35 degrees) and the LED spotlights therefore not “spot” can be called. EU officially only lamps with a maximum 90 degree half angle is considered “Accent lighting”. Small clue: the entire brightness is equivalent to about of a conventional 25 watt-incandescent or halogen lamp, required less power but it has around 84%.

My test result:

Finally, there’s a decent GU10 LED spotlight with more than the usual 35, also by a great brand producers 40 or 60 ° beam angle. This niche was occupied mainly by cheap manufacturers – with sometimes poor quality.OSRAM also obviously had some difficultiesto enter this ‘new land’ without bruises.
Although also this lamp is not extremely bright, dimmable lace-LED product with a color rendering index of at least RA 90 and an optimal electric power factorwith its 270 lumens. You but does their duty discreetly, solid and efficient. Much more you can not expect currently for under 10 euros. The maximum yield of my LED rating scale would be four stars for non-dimmable lamps. The 4 watt of powerful OSRAM “LED Star PAR16 120°” I decorate with good ll2
three and a half stars