Review and Opinions Petzl Nao + / 575

Notice to cycling, hiking and caving lovers, we tested the two Petzl Nao + headlamps and its 575 lumens version.We decided to combine the two models of rechargeable headlamps in the same test because they are substantially similar and the Nao + is the latest generation (also known as Petzl Nao 3).Just like our other powerful LED torch tests, we tested them in the field (hiking and running).
Our opinion on the range Petzl Nao 3:

  • High comfort
  • High-end headlamp
  • 700 Power Lumens with Multibeam Lighting
  • Ideal for night trail
  • Rechargeable in USB, supplied with a 2600 mAh battery
  • Very good stability
  • 3 year warranty
  • 4 types of lighting
  • Up to 12 hours of autonomy

In short:
No doubt the most popular headlamp model on the market and we understand why! With the Petzel Nao +, you will not have any worries of lighting during your trails in the mountains or other nocturnal activities. A high-end model that will not let you down with a good battery life.
In short, it is recommended, it is a worthwhile investment, Petzl is a quality brand!

Summary of products tested

We tested the Petzl Nao 3 (or Nao +) model, which is the new generation headlamp that replaced its little sister Petzl Nao 575.

The characteristics of the Petzl Nao +

This frontal lamp was expected from Petzl with impatience.She was on our test list for a few months already!We had already quickly talk about the model 575 in our guide of the best lamps for hunting but we were eager to test its big sister Petzl Nao 3!
This model is of course always equipped with the REACTIVE LIGHTING technology which we will return to below in our test.The Petzl application which allows to manage the autonomy and co of the lamp has been improved compared to the previous version, easier to use and ca we like!
Features of the Nao plus:

  • Always 2 side bands and a top headband for extra support.
  • A weight of 185 grams with the battery
  • Battery life up to 12 hours.Charging time of +/- 6 hours with base battery
  • Water resistant (IPX4 standard)
  • 4 lighting powers (from 700 to 120 lumens + low mode to 12 lm)
  • Management of autonomy via the application
  • Delivered with battery and belt deportation kit for this one
  • Programmable via software available for PC/Mac

PS:for those who are looking for the notice it is here: see the notice Petzl Nao 3.

Our Lab test of Petzl Nao Plus (3)

Good to the opening of the box, of course we find the USB charging cable, the headlamp with its battery, holding bands and of course the notice.Good at this rate there and especially when buying a Petzl lamp, we know that we are going to have the right to a high-end head lamp with a rather high-end manufacture.
Well you will not be disappointed because from the first grip in hand one immediately realizes the quality of manufacture of the machine.One remains on plastic but rather very resistant to the first approach (edit: one confirms after several months of use).
If you are used to headlamps with standard/flat headbands, the Petzl Nao 3 will surprise you with its “wires” which serve as support headbands.Side comfort we will return on this point in the continuation of the guide.

Manufacturing quality

Not much to say about the overall quality of lamp.One is on plastic as previously mentioned which will withstand falls of low altitude.
The Petzl Nao Plus is of course treated with the IPX-4 standard so you will have no worries about using it in the rain during your running, caving or with your cycling friends in the night.
The flat headbands are made of elastane, for support cords, no idea but they look resistant because of their rigidity.
In short
A headlamp of very good quality as expected for this price

What autonomy?

The test of the autonomy of the torches is always full of surprises (and not always good unfortunately).As for Petzl Nao + , we were surprised to see that the values ​​provided by the manufacturer are verifiable and real.
It should be noted on Relationshipsplus.Com that the autonomy differs according to the mode of power chosen.Basically you have 2 modes of lighting with 2 powers each:

  • Constant Lighting:the continuous lighting mode gave us 7:49 of autonomy for use in the energy saving mode (close to the 8 hours announced by the manufacturer).For the maximum power mode, one has reached 1:27 which is also close to the manufacturer value which is 1h30.
  • Reactive lighting:this mode was more complicated to test because the autonomy was calculated for a real-life use, that is to say on a ground not released so that the beam adapts permanently to the environment.We therefore mixed between cycling, caving and use during a trail in a forest.In full power mode we reached 5h50 of autonomy and 11h13 in mode of saving of energy.

Once the battery has run out, the lamp stays on for +/- 1:50 in its 15-lumen “SOS” mode.
Rather surprised by the autonomy of this model knowing that you can replace the battery 2600 mAh by a battery 3400 to gain even more autonomy.
Except for situations requiring very powerful illumination, the energy-saving mode should suffice with its 120 lumens in constant mode and 305 in reactive.
In any case you will be able to access the remaining battery life in real time via the Petzl Light mobile application.
In short
A very good autonomy which will be sufficient for the majority of the night activities knowing that even if you come to the end of the battery, the lamp will always illuminate for 2 hours in its mode 15 lumens.


On the power side, Petzl did not give a damn about us, we are on 700 lumens at full power with the Reactive Lighting mode and 500 for the constant lighting mode.

  • REACTIVE:305 TO 700 Lms
  • Constant:120 to 500 Lms

The change of mode is done via the side button which is just next to the 2 LED headlights.It is also the same button that allows to switch on and off the lamp.
Not a fan because of the need to manipulate a single button at the same time for the change of mode (keep the button 2sec) and for the change of intensity in addition to the On/Off button.
Although you can manage the change in intensity and mode via the mobile application, you would have appreciated a separate button.
To get back to the power, it lights a max no matter how you choose!
Thanks to the 2 LED headlights, you will not have to worry about more than 150 meters in Reactive Lighting mode.
In short
700 lumens of maximum power, no worries to do at lighting level believe us!

A few words about the REACTIVE LIGHTING mode and the mobile app

As you can see in the picture below, the headlamp is equipped with a brightness sensor (above the 2 LEDs).
As you have probably already understood, REACTIVE LIGHTING uses this sensor to adjust the brightness according to the depth and ambient brightness of the area to be illuminated, for example.
Roughly speaking, the lamp will debit its 700 lumens in a wheat field, unlike a lower lighting if you evolved into a cave during your caving expedition.
This mode of lighting is perfectly suitable for trails or cycling in a drill bit, for example. If, for example, you direct the harness to your short-range mobile phone, the brightness will drop sharply.
As for the mobile app, you can find it on the Google store under the name MyPetzl Light.
The application allows to adjust the brightness of your Petzl in real time as well as to have an overview of the level of the battery.You can also create different profiles according to the activities you practice in order to have predefined lighting modes.
An application a little gadget (from our point of view) but that can prove useful in some cases (we imagine).

Comfort and use

If you have never had the opportunity to wear a headlamp, be aware that if the model is too heavy or the headbands uncomfortable, this can quickly become a burden!
Regarding the weight (185g with battery) on the head, the lamp is still feeling (but nothing very foufou), even for a trekk of 2h person has been.The block of the battery itself is almost 80g so we advise as far as possible the offset on your belt in order to gain a lot of weight on your cranial.
As for the headbands “son” well finally they are rather pleasant and do not cause any discomfort (at least for us who have some hair).If you are shaved it is not known if the friction of these on the skin can be irritating or not but we do not think!
What we like with this system of cords is that they will not pose worries of sweating (very unpleasant during hikes …).
You can of course adjust the support straps very simply to your head.
In short
A weight that can weigh after several hours if you decide to keep the battery on your head but in terms of comfort this model ranks among the best on the market!


The lamp is guaranteed 3 years and the battery 1 year

Our opinion about the Petzl Nao 3

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful powerful headlights currently on the French market.
We are quite fan of the REACTIVE LIGHTING mode which may seem harmless at first sight but that is really good on the pitch.The sensor really does its job and the brightness adapts perfectly to obstacles and according to the brightness.
The autonomy is rather good, more it can be recharged in USB so it is out benefit, no need to carry a nth standard battery charger!
Lightweight comfort issue over very long periods (over 3 hours) if you do not carry the battery to the belt.With the belt battery, the comfort is perfect and we soon tend to forget that we have the Petzl Nao on the head.
In short, we recommend this model no matter what your budget. A very good investment for a powerful headlamp that will hold several years carefree while taking care.

Or buy a cheap Petzl Nao 3?

Personally, we found the Petzl Nao + at the best rate on Amazon.You will be able to look at other running/trekking shops and compare the prices but in general (for all our military torches …) we find them at the best price on Amazon.