Return 100 X 1 All MoviStar with The Promotion "Bring a Friend"

After 90 x 1 Vodafone tariffs are seated and be a good claim for the Red operator, Movistar returns to launch its 100 x 1 multicast to reward that help bring to other operators to Movistar users.
The mechanics of the promotion is as simple as that current Movistar customers must call the 3526 toll free to give details of possible stakeholders in change with the blue and in case that number portability becomes effective to contract, the client that is MoviStar will enjoy from 100 x 1 all from the 18/11/09 to 17/02/10 1 sponsored person, until 05/17/10 with sponsored 2 or up to 17/08/10 If you get sponsored 3.
The promotion will be valid for chosen portability prior to October 15 and only applies to which are already a customer of Movistar while the sponsored person coming from another operator, will enjoy the promotion that is current at the time.
100 x 1 will be added as a benefit to any existing fee that the client has contracted and will be valid for calls to any national destination from Monday to Sunday between 18 and 8 hours up to a maximum of 1000 free minutes per month.