REMARKS – Easy Transport for Batteries and Accumulators

Who outside is much longer, and has often electronic devices and equipment, such as GPS device, digital camera, mobile phone, forehead or flashlight. Many of these devices need even today still fully or batteries of the sizes AA, AAA, C or even a 9V block battery. Remarks offers with its battery a convenient storage and transport solution for such batteries caddies, and has asked me kindly different models for testing available.
Overall, the battery Caddy by remarks made of robust plastic is available in 9 different variants and 4 different colors (black, Orange, olive green, and glow-in-the-dark). The models range batteries from a compact slimline caddy for 4 AAA down to the original battery Caddy for up to 19 different type batteries (4 x AAA, 12 x AA, 2 x C and 1 x 9V Also for the less familiar battery type CR 123 (flashlights is at least in some LED used) there is an own caddy, reported by THEINTERNETFAQS.
The batteries and accumulators can be very easy to insert and remove, keep transportation but bombproof in the caddy. A nice feature would be the possibility of multiple caddies (E.g. 2 slimline AAA caddies) to connect together securely.
Prices the remarks caddies range of 4.95 euros for the smallest version in the standard colours, up to but quite happ- 13,95 Euro for the large original battery Caddy in the, admittedly, color extremely cool glow-in-the-dark.


The remarks caddies are practical gadgets with which not only traveling comfortably and safely transporting batteries and batteries, you can at home maps keep them. When my AA and AAA ENELOOP batteries were however always transport boxes here, very good fulfilling their service. Not those who can be on the robust, if somewhat expensive solution by remarks.