Releases of Cosmetics at Beauty Fair Vult!

A vegetarian my amoressss today I’m starting the week giving congratulations jumps huhuuuu, as always I MEGA excited eh, who knows me knows my astral hit there on the heights, happiness is low here in my body, I’m actually connected a generator , can only, or connected directly to a hydroelectric power plant kkkkkkk. Well, this whole explosion of happiness is to tell you that I was very happy with the Distributor of the Vult Cosmetics in Mato Grosso do Sul to participate in the Beauty Fair 2015, was at the fair for 3 days and I got to know really what is the Vu lt in the universe beauty Cosmetics. I had never been to this Expo. I was shocked by the size of it, with the amount of people all over Brazil, never seen so many people per square meter, absurd thing! The coolest thing is that, of all the people at the fair, was of great joy, because seriously, working with the “beautiful” is very good, working with products to make people more beautiful, more happy, is very demaaais! I found the wonderful vibe.
Already prodded many novelties in my SNAP, follow there-> Palpitedeluxo and in my instagram @palpitedeluxo too and I’ve seen that you are loving. The products are divine, beautiful colors, fantastic packaging, quality getting better, I was able to test all products and can’t wait to arrive in stores, unfortunately will take a few more days. The collection of pencils lipstick is with each color goddess, my will was to pick up everything and run away, I swear, this collection will be in stores in October. Also new are the baphônica 2 riméis which provide a super volume on the eyelashes, I’ve used the two releases and ♥ ameeei the result! Has: 4 new colors of lipsticks, many colors of liquid MATTE lipsticks, blush colors, 3 2 blushs mosaics, 6 base colors, several cases of shadows, eyeliner, pencil, shadow duo illuminator for eyebrow, eyeliner, and cleaner brush, eyelash curler from health-beauty-guides. In today’s post I will show you all the photos of the products to advance the news, but do more posts by talking in detail about each product, as soon as I get home, I show to you.
If you are retailer in Mato Grosso do Sul and wants a representative of Vult Cosmetics, just get in touch with the New Face Distributor by 67 33267110 phone, enjoy and follow also the instagram @newfacedistribuidora. I made a video showing the 3 stands of Vult Cosmetics at Beauty Fair 2015also showed the inside where it was done customer service, super vip area, filled with treats! Press PLAY, and enjoy to feel a little bit like it was fair. Another thing I need to say here is that I have to take my hat off to the owners of the Vult, I’ve never seen a company invest so much in this area of digital marketing as they, as they invest in bloggers, in all; Since the with fewer followers, as with most followers. This behavior is not seen now, since I started this era of bloggers, they gave this cap in media. How hard it is to find companies here in Brazil with this profile, that’s why the Vult is booming across the country, the hint of a beautiful example.
These photos I did where the advice of the Vult was the demonstration of new products for the bloggers, I did on my phone, so I can bring the news facilities in warm for you! Look how it was presented to us: