Release of the Week Women's Wallet Milly

The Reliquary bags and Folders launches today the room your product back for mother’s day. It is the Female Model Portfolio Milly, a friendly and stylish wallet can also be used as a clutch, with a knob that lets you take her up on her forearm.a
The wallet Milly is ideal for you to take all your cards, money, photos and personal documents well organized and with a lot of style. Produced in genuine leather, with two tone leather options, pítton and lined with Leopard print (animal print), the wallet Milly has 8 partitions for card and 2 partitions for ballots and documents, in addition to a closed pocket with zipper, ideal for their currencies, and an external Pocket that allows you to take a smart phone of almost all sizes (here at the Shrine we tested a Iphone5®, a Galaxy S5® and a Bike G®, for example).
In the weeks before we released the bag-bag Tracy, Anne satchel handbag and purse trunk Charlotte, thereby increasing our range of options in feminine products, one of the main demands of our customers. Keep an eye on our blog and our shop because we are new home, increasing our production team and let’s keep the pace of releases over the next few days.