Recycling Fashion

It is a fact that being’ ecofriendly’, as appropriate, somehow became”modinha”.
I say this because, at first, the major concern is to say concerned with nature, than actually  be and act.
But I will not discuss here the merits of some companies, because this issue has been well discussed in the article”the echo of fashion”, published on Itypeauto”″ .
Regardless of being an action with date set for start and end, or something more permanent, one of the strands that have gained more strength towards environmentally friendly is to take advantage of what already exists.
The thought is:”Why add more to the mountain of existing clothes?”.
Makes a lot of sense.
Often people donate clothes because they don’t fit, don’t like, or because it no longer be a part of your identity and not because the clothes are damaged.
In my many visits to thrift stores in various cities, always found clothes with excellent quality–some even with the price tag!
The thrift stores, in fact, are becoming more and more”professionalized”–it’s just noting the proliferation of”chics” selected clothing thrift stores cautiously, well groomed and comfortable environment that provides a good shopping experience.
So, really, why not take advantage of at least a part of nice clothes that already exist in the world?
You do not need to use exactly as bought-you can always dye, cut, adjust and changes only to update the basic play.
And don’t give me the litany that you don’t know the power of the person who used it before, because just the fact that you save the nature of something that you don’t know how many years it would take to decompose already turns any karma good!
But why am I telling you this?
Some brands and designers took the idea further and are doing with that old clothes gain a completely different guy.
Met Maroussia Rebeck’s work and your brand Andrea Crews because of your lecture at Think fashion, in November last year. Each outfit is thought, transformed and re-created individually and, so, despite being second hand parts, the brand sells his creations at badaladíssimas stores like Colette. As the girls of the style, the coolest thing is that she sees the clothes in a different way: a shirt, for example, does not need to be used in the conventional way … can be dressed as, I dunno, some pants! Here’s an excerpt of a speech on video. It’s so amazing that if you saw the models without knowing the story behind never would have guessed they were made through used parts!
Another exciting brand is the Milch-I discovered these days via The difference of their work is that use only classical pieces of the male wardrobe that turn into female parts. By the way, very cool! A pair of tailoring can turn a dress, vest with hood and even a super Nifty Hat!
Here at Brazil, the Morumbi Shopping brings the Project Recycled Fashion.Despite being a temporary project, it is super cool. Mainly because who pass the Mall can view the transformation of parts in a workshop of glass that will be built in the Atrium of the Mall! How it works: to day 01/09 the mall will receive donations of used parts that will be used in the event. The pieces will win a retelling of Alexandre Herchcovitch and will be made between 22 and 31 of August by the NGO to flourish and, between 2 and 19/9, they will be sold in a pop-up store and your income will be donated to the NGO.
Who is also getting into it and set out to”reinvent clothes in a world already saturated and scarce of news” is Rita Wainer, who is gathering donations for your project Born Again.
If you are at that stage and economic is given to handiwork, how about inpirar on the blog”New dress a day”? Marisa, the owner of the blog, decided to spend a year without buying new clothes, just transform used clothes found in the bazaars of life. All this with a budget: $365, oo to spend 365 days in.Although I don’t think the results always nice, the idea is very good and inspires the DIYers around the world.
Obviously, companies will continue manufacturing clothes and new accessories.
Nor could it be otherwise.
The textile industry is still one of the biggest responsible for the generation of jobs in the country (and the world) and acquiring that special clothing”the latest fashion” just to pamper yourself, not out of necessity, will continue to always be a kindness to yourself.
But, the truth is that, if only a small portion of this industry to follow this direction, the planet will thank. And!