Recover Your Computer's Idle RAM During Use

A slow computer that hangs up all the time and takes so long to respond may be suffering from a lack of RAM.For anyone who is looking to optimize the performance of computer RAM in order to end this problem that makes any user lose patience, a simple but efficient application promises to help in this task.
RAM Idle seeks to improve the RAM performance of computers running Windows XP and earlier operating systems through simple configurations that save resources on the computer, thus avoiding the slowdown and crashes generated by the increased use of RAM by programs that require the machine.

Recovering memory

After using the computer for long periods of time, a large amount of memory becomes obsolete, but can not be recovered for use in the system again. RAM Idle can recover this memory and reuse it on the computer.
To use the program more accurately and safely, you should leave the default memory level offered by RAM Idle.This prevents you from freeing up too much memory and slowing down programs by opening them, causing exactly the opposite effect you want.Also, if you have many programs open at the same time and you want to free up memory, you may cause crashes if you overdo the dose.
To make the most of your memory, ideally, after having been using your computer for a long time, close all programs and put the Idle RAM to act and return the memory levels to what you want.After that, just close the program and open what you want again.
Another application for the program is when your computer starts to crash for lack of memory. In this case, try to close the programs quickly and leave the RAM Idle running and using forced memory recovery by right-clicking the program icon.