RC Motorcycle

RC motorcycles constitute a world apart within the remote control hobby. It is that pilots should have a special skill, requiring other RC vehicles, and balance. More balance, much higher speed reaches the motorbike ROK.
The first RC bikes were electric and manufactured at the beginning of the Decade of the ‘ 80s. They were very simple models and not reaching high speeds. It was in the middle of that decade they made their appearance bikes RC petrol engine, achieving greater speed, and could compete in track. Anyway, had some mechanical limitations, which were improving over time.

Most commonly used for competition in track bike CR is 1/5 scale, with combustion engine. A bike to compete must meet the following characteristics: must have a realistic look, including a pilot; total height must not be less than 23 CTS. no more than 30 STS; the wheelbase cannot exceed the 32 STS, and the diameter of the gums should be 15.5 CTS., maximum.
RC motorcycle competitions there are various categories: Stockbike, electric motorcycle series, and only with rear brake, among other restrictions; Superbike, also for electric bikes, but can have modifications; and Nitrobike, for motorcycles with engine explosion, which do not allow changes of speed.
Experts advise to start driving motorcycles RC only if we have previous experience with RC cars. To learn how to start the bike (one of the hardest things for the balance) is suitable to support it against any support, so that it is perfectly vertical. Once we take back the boot, we turn to learn simple, such as wide angle curves and eight maneuvers. All this must be done on very large sites, with flat floor and without obstacles. Then we will be testing with increasingly tight curves, for which you will have to tilt the bike on the side… unless you tip over, of course.
Some RC motorcycle comes with what is called “mass mobile”, which makes it easy to lay the bike on its side, since the moving mass behaves in the same way that real pilots, make it balanced weights to balance the bike. But you will find it difficult to find these models, so you will have to learn to take curves without help.
You’ll find lots of information about the remote control motorcycles here, both for beginners and for experts.