Racing shoes (25)

Road bike shoes

, Road bike shoes are click shoes for road click systems, where the main focus is on optimal power transmission and excellent climate comfort is. To realize these properties, the manufacturers rely on sophisticated systems for shoes with stiff soles, efficient closures and functional materials. The shoes for the Shimano SPD-SL system or the look system, with classic three-hole mounting are usually equipped. Rarely, they also have threads for Shimano SPD cleats.

Traction and power transmission

road shoes are closely tailored to the foot, so that they form an optimal traction. This means that the shoe must not chafe, nor have in some places “Game”. Sophisticated locking systems reinforce heavily stressed areas of the shoe and make sure that energy of appearance of turns directly into propulsion. Often, combinations of different closures such as laces, Velcro straps, Ratchet systems or locking a train mechanisms are used. The shoe wraps the foot in the optimal case closely, without to interrupt the blood circulation or to press strongly on individual points in the foot.

The role of sole

for the stiffness of a road shoe sole material and design play an important role. Shoe manufacturers use high-tech materials such as glass fiber reinforcement, elaborate poly Ami constructions, and carbon fiber Giro, Northwave, Sidi, Shimano, Pearl Izumi, to stiffen the sole. The soles provide a platform on which the whole foot can muster his pressure which then effectively transferred to the pedal. The stiffer the sole, the more efficiently can the shoe work. For an optimal fit follows the natural shape of the foot soles curvature.

Function at the excess fabric

because racing bikes is a year-round sport, the market offers a variety of specialized models for any weather. Who is on the road in hot and dry areas, can rely on airy footwear with ventilation openings of network fabrics. For winter conditions, there are wind – and weatherproof shoes, partly equipped with insulation layers. These two extreme opposites are supplemented by a variety of all-round models, which are suitable for a wider range of conditions. With inner lining or vents, the shoes are functional and designed for optimum moisture management. Welding take registered cycling SOCKS directly from the and forward it to the outside. Often waterproof shoe covers are used in wet conditions.

Systems: SPD and SPD-SL / look

essentially two click systems have prevailed: Shimano’s SPD system, as well as the Shimano SPD-SL system, which is compatible with the look system. The SPD system primarily designed for mountain bikes and trekking bikes, partly it is used also for road bikes. The SPD-SL system, however, has a larger platform and offers the foot race driving a larger footprint. The look system is compatible with the SPD-SL system, for mounting on the shoe, the cleats also need the three-hole system.

The ideal wheel boot

the choice of clicking system is usually according to specific preferences or existing material. It is particularly important to adapt these to the conditions in which it is to be used for the choice of the right shoe. Warmer summer conditions require other constructions as winter, rain and snow. Who drives race, rather choose a rigid model, tour riders like to fall back on more moderate and more comfortable shoes.