P’tite Gourd Mastrad Baby

When you Midgets at a young age, the reusable water bottle is the (indispensable!) useful product to carry purees or compotes House and dairy products all over… Not to mention the economy made if you do yourself your applesauce instead of buying all make gourd, but also the ecological gesture.

P'tite Gourd Mastrad Baby

I had already tested a gourd silicone to a competing brand. At the time it was the only and unique market. Great initiative, if is that I wasn’t 100% convinced because compote placed on the top of the gourd and not to spoil, to finish with a spoon. Not ideal for a mobile product!
So I had longed to test the P’tite gourd Mastrad Baby, discovered at the Open the Tosc agency ‘ Anne.
Marketed by Mastrad, French company specialized in the culinary accessories, it has a capacity of up to 130 ml. It is silicone and contains of course BPA-free. She is 2 years warranty and comes in orange and green.

P'tite Gourd Mastrad Baby 3
Now for practice…
The most
The major advantage of this bottle in my opinion is that it standing alone. Associated with an open wide, cela facilitates its filling. And then this avoids accidents “nainesques” during the tasting.
It is well sealed and its CAP not removable / which is not screwed to limit the risk of leakage during the transport.
The silicone makes it a resistant product that passes without problem in the dishwasher and can be kept for years.
The gourd is graduated from 30 ml to 30 ml, which is useful to know the quantity that is in it without resorting to the scale (graduation is not very visible, in fact I had missed it at first! )).

P'tite Gourd Mastrad Baby 2
It goes in the freezer and the microwave. It can therefore be used for purees.
The less
Contained purée/applesauce must not be too thick, otherwise there is loss. If, if I tell you, I’ve tested! The first time I didn’t put enough water in my applesauce apples and disappointment, he was left in the bottle at the end. The next time, with a more fluid compote, victory, no loss to mourn! Yes!
The non-removable cap uncomfortable at the tasting for the smaller. Right next to it, it avoids losing or that the child is trying to swallow it and it limits the loose plug type accidents… It is not fake!

P'tite Gourd Mastrad Baby 1
For the little ones at the beginning of diversification (who don’t know yet to aspire and to therefore press the gourd), it is difficult to regulate the flow. Therefore wait a few more months to use it.
The verdict
The test is successful in my opinion for this P’tite gourd. It is perfect also for adults. Sweet Princess adopted her and if I have the courage to make applesauce House the day where she tries to school, this flask will be perfect for her!
P’tite gourd Mastrad Baby, € 9.95, sold at Oxbul, the natural baby…