Protect Yourself with More Security in Social Networks

We think many times on safety in social networks, but the truth is that we spend more and more of our time connected to social networks like facebook or twitter without ask ourselves about the way these social networks have changed the way we communicate and, worse yet, have changed the way our children communicate with each other.
For our children, the most popular websites represent simply a way to interact with friends through computers or desktop and mobile devices in However, very often provide, without knowing, too much personal information. The kids, by your side, talk to them may attitudes cause problems or expose yourself to various hazards due to sharing on the Internet.

For your safety in social networks talk to your kids

Should we be concerned with the safety in social networks

Begin to emerge some studies on safety in social networks that reveal numbers really scary. You know, for example, that 67% of European teenagers spend most of your time on the internet and on social networks? The facebook is one of the websites of social networks that grow more quickly around the world, with a 153% growth outside the United States.
A McAfee-sponsored survey showed that 20 percent of teenagers have participated in acts of intimidation, such as the publication of embarrassing photographs and cruel or harmful information about friends or acquaintances, the spread of rumors or disclosure of private communications, as well as the still anonymous mail submission e-mail to playing pranks in bad taste.
And, what is equally or more troubling, according to the same study, 28% of teenagers claim to not know how to react if they were harassed or intimidated on the internet. Even so, the most common danger to European teens appears to be disclosure by your own initiative, and under the most various forms, not personal information.
So, a simple conversation between friends can be, without anyone realising, to disclose before Strangers intimate and personal information. Therefore, you can’t be too careful when it comes to safety in social networks.
Why social networks can be so dangerous?
The biggest problems of security on social networks is the too much information (TMI, that is, “too much information”). For greater safety in social networks must do your children understand that if they give to know too much information about your personal life, it could cause them serious problems. The real dangers are many, such as vulnerability with regard to internet bullies, invasion of privacy, identity theft and exposure to online predators.
These problems of safety in social networks not only to social networks, given that already existed before the own social networks exist. The problem of Security there is now on a larger scale because the volume of users and information exchanged has increased exponentially and has become much more personal, and can affect anyone, since everyone, without exception, show us.
To increase the security in social networks, always speak with their children and to set boundaries and rules, without any problems. Limit the time your kids can be connected to the internet. Tell you what is or is not appropriate to share online and always remember that, on the internet, nothing is sacred.

You worry about child safety in case of fire

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