Programming of Christmas-Shopping

I love this Christmas season because we can get a few more alternatives for indoor programs with the kids.
In each Mall new décor and a Santa Claus hoping to make joy from small.
I took advantage of the holiday to visit some malls and already show the Christmas weather. Bruna
In Garden City and the Market Place we made masks, painting workshop and cakes.
Is a delight! And in Iguatemi as always, stunning décor that enchants not only children and all adults.
And how tomorrow’s another holiday in Sao Paulo, check out the Christmas schedule of some malls that managed to get information:
JK Iguatemi
Class of 1906 cakes and confectionery workshop Christmas Arts until December 24. The children earn still Roll cakes of 1906, promotional stands circling in space. Every weekday from 14:00 at 20:00 on the third floor.
Garden City
Santa Claus and workshop every day from 13:00 until day 19 of the 24 December.
On Saturdays: Between 14 and 16 hours Christmas band + dancers and 16.00 hs, puppet theater.
Sunday: 16.30 pm-storyteller
Christmas decoration Shopping Iguatemi is always one of the most beautiful and charming. Worth giving a pássadinha!
Analia Franco
This year the Christmas decoration Shopping Anália Franco will be different and sophisticated. The theme will be “Christmas peasant”, using rustic materials like wood, dry twigs and branches in giving a natural touch in decorating.
The main area has 300 m ², with a train of nearly nine meters circulating throughout the area. The train has a capacity of 24 children.
In addition to this incredible attraction, the decor has other big surprises as: a band of cartoon bears and the Bobby bear, which is 2 meters high and interacts with the public. Not to mention the Christmas tree, which has 12 meters high, in addition to garlands, who bring enlightenment all over the Mall. Acacia floor, a traditional Nativity scene is also part of our decor.
Santa Claus will be present throughout the opening hours of shopping.
Santa Claus on the ground 10 to 22 daily Moema hs
Market Place
Santa Claus in the Event of November 14 to December 24
Timetables: from 14/11 to 02/12-the 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
of 03/12 the 16/12-12:00 to the 8:00 pm
of 17/12 the 23/12-10:00 to the 10:00 pm
day 24/12–das 10:00 at 18
Christmas workshops
Date: from 04 November to 24 December
Timetables: 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Center North
Find Santa and visit this year’s decoration that is the ice cream of the penguins!
The other Malls I couldn’t get the information but just call to find out the timetables and schedules.
Good holiday!