Pressure Ulcers and Wound Care Treatment and Management

A common but unspoken phenomenon is wound unit in women.There is so little discussed that many riders this problem and will continue to act as good and bad as it can make do. Fortunately, there are many ways to make riding for women who often play unit.


  • Wound Drive: konsekvenser
  • Causes of ulcers unit
  • Solutions
  • A good place
  • A good breeches
  • Underwear
  • Cream
  • Seat Saver
  • A good saddle

Wound Drive: Konsekvenser

Wounds Driving is a very annoying problem for women. This ensures that they can not be more pleasant and relaxed riding. It has a very negative impact on the seat because Amazon is trying to stay off the pubic bone. As a result, she frantically sit further back and thus no longer in balance. This in turn has the consequence that the horse can not run properly.
For some women, it is so bad that after a few days can not ride a horse to heal everything. When a company concerned is not so ?? a point equestrian rider. But if someone has a horse becomes difficult. She finally horse can not let one week alone because of the wound and ride it again and again.
As it is a sensitive point is not often on the clasp tower. If a driver to mention all scales is the case often dismissed with the comment that she must learn to sit better.
What is the cause of this wound ride?

Causes of Ulcers Unit

  • Female Anatomy: To many women wrapped unit while men miraculously never suffer due to the difference in structure between man and woman. When a woman’s pubic bone is much lower than in men. Because of this, she sticks much closer to the saddle. This can cause friction that women play can ride. Fortunately, this is not the case for every woman. This has more to do with how low the pubis of the woman sits. When a is less than the other.
  • The seat: When a rider can not sit still in the saddle, this increases the risk of ulcers unit. This creates more friction. Can not sit still come through inexperience, improper muscle tone, sit tight, terminals and / or by a wrong attitude. When someone runs the pelvis tilts forward, she ends up extra on the pubic bone.
  • Breeches: some breeches have a thick middle seam with upright cloth. This exacerbated the problem.
  • Underwear: underwear with thick seams can make the problem worse.
  • The saddle: Some saddles goes much up strife. This means an extra woman to sit on the pubic bone. These saddles are very uncomfortable ride. Brands that are known for this problem Kieffer and CN.


Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to reduce or eliminate this problem. The following are a variety of possible solutions that are used. A is more effective than another. The best solution is a good saddle. When it is not possible, you can try different things to see what works well for you.

A Good Place

This is the first one in which each driver can start, to reduce the problem. It is best to take this zitlessen and your attitude once well to take a closer look:

  • Be careful not too far forward and pelvis nicely maintained. Tilt the pelvis not forward, but not too far back.
  • Tighten the thigh muscles to keep your feet in the right place and the abdominal muscles to keep from falling forward. Relax rest of the body.
  • Concern over the rising trot trot you come straight up out of the saddle and not forward. When you do the latter, you can bump against the front part of the seat that made the problem worse. Always stay close to the saddle.
  • Stick to sit through good sitting in the back.
  • Do not move unnecessarily in the saddle, but only as much as your horse passes the motion. Do not slide any card with your seat forward.

A Good Breeches

Choose pants with a center seam is sewn flat and as thin as possible.
And there is now a seamless breeches on the market under the name Degopa. It has no center seam. In some Amazones this will be the entire solution to the problem. Others need more tools.


Take seamless underwear of a substance that absorbs well. Preferably cotton. Underwear should fit snugly. For wide underwear can easily irritate.
There is also special riding underwear available. Of these cross strengthened, which can be helpful. Some women can take advantage of the cycling shorts with chamois commitment to drive during their pants. These solutions can reduce the problem, but it is usually not enough.


Some ladies are there to benefit smearing themselves with Sudocrème, Vaseline or PUROL. It’s a matter of trying if it works or not. For some women, the worse the problem here.

Seat Saver

There are several seating savers on the market that can alleviate the problem. These seat covers that go over the seat of the saddle to make the seat softer:

  • Gelpad: This is nice and soft. For some women is enough, but there are also women who are just as good with it by running.
  • Synthetic wool: These are not expensive. The effect is not so good. Since it is synthetic, it does not take as good sweat, and can scald. This only exacerbates the problem.
  • Lamb’s wool: This is a very nice seat savers to sow unit. It is elastic, breathable, absorbs moisture, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. For many ladies who sow driving a marked relief. When you buy, however, that it is real lambswool.
  • Memory foam: A saver seat upholstered in suede that shapes the body. It is very robust. You sink into the foam creates a pleasant seating area. This is for the wounds run less nice to the session, there will be small for you, and therefore more in the front of the saddle on.

A Good Saddle

The best solution is a good saddle:

  • Take a seat with preferably a flat seat, particularly as flat as possible with a twist.
  • Take a good zitmaat, especially not too hard. Something more space is nicer because you only get hurt more twist sit.

With more budget, you can buy a saddle specially adapted to operate the wound.

  • OJ saddles have the opportunity to leave a piece of foam from twisting. This allows a gap covered with leather.Here there is no pressure on the pubic bone and the problem is solved guaranteed. In addition, the specific cc ladies sitting as a solution. Here twist and skirts are extra padded. This is not a solution because you get this even more with the pubic bone to sit on the saddle. Although it is soft stuffed, you can register here yet easy to open the drive.The hole in the rotation works much better and is sufficient to solve completely the problem of wound unit. All the above solutions when no longer needed.
  • Iberosattel and Saddlefit4life has Amazona solution: In this at the front of the saddle made a hole in the tree.This is very soft padded. Also on Kieffer saddles this is sometimes applied. This will reduce or eliminate the problem. Saddlefit4life also a model fully adapted to the female anatomy. This will help it to reduce the problem of wound unit.

Other Models Saddles
There are many saddles on the market outside the ordinary English models have a very flat twist. This will eliminate the problem in most cases.

  • Treeless saddles: When you drive comfortably in a treeless saddle, and you can find a well-fitting treeless saddle, which can also be a solution. Treeless saddles are much softer and often pander to what the problem completely or largely solves. Note, however, that your horse works well in the context of it and nowhere pressure points
  • Endurance saddles such as Pegaso, Podium or Sommer
  • Trigger: a semi treeless saddle
  • The saddle Malibaud
  • Western Saddles
  • Spanish and Portuguese saddles