Portable Solar Panel for Travel Trailer

Power supply for traveling: with solar panels, one remains independent

On expedition, hiking, camping holidays, or where no reliable electricity supply ensure is, solar panels are a practical solution. With these, the batteries for the camera equipment, are at the base camp charged satellite phone and co. The most important devices remain operational and the primary health care is on the move ensured.

Use photovoltaic on tour

A handy solar module for hiking and trekking is small, flexible and thus folding. This fall in the weight and be fixed the day of the backpack. For professional film productions involving on-site processing begins, there’s a robust solar modules and panels with large wattage and therefore greater efficiency. Goal zero, Brunton and SunPower have practical, mobile solutions for every application.

Solar modules for the day hike and the wilderness trip

Mobile solar panels with a USB port are excellent, directly and without going through a heavy battery to charge small electronics such as the Smartphone or the camera. A fine thing for hikes and day trips! The performance of the panels and the charging time for the battery is directly related to the intensity of the solar radiation. It is longer in the wilderness the hours of sunshine can be used with a larger solar panel, by a battery between switched is. So, the power supply to the charger is secured during the day tour. < br / > hence the acquisition of second battery for the most important equipment offered for longer trips. A battery depends on the charging station, the other remains in the device.