Portable Kitchen for Camps

The guys who likes to cook at camping has good news: check out this kitchen!
It is a portable kitchen for camps, developed by American markGrub Hub. With her, the camper can arrange and store all that pile of things that we have to take to be able to cook in camping: Cookware, pots, cutlery, glasses, etc. The kitchen has tables, garbage bag, space for cooker (with aluminum material), a tower Organizer for kitchen equipment via Zipcodesexplorer, a cabinet with shelves, various door-objects, stakes for fixing in the soil and the sink.
In addition, the Grub Hub sells also some accessories that are not included, such as stove, water resistant paper towel, heating pad, dishes, etc.
To disassemble that contraption, you have a wheel bag, light and easy to carry. Of course you won’t be able to get this kitchen in the back, although light, it takes up a lot of space. But in motorized travel, can take.
Gives this video with the Assembly of the product. Doesn’t seem to be complex, despite several items and accessories that accompany it.
The price is a little steep, but maybe the benefits and facilities to offset the cost. The standard model costs $379.00. Take a look at the site to check out all the products of the brand:http://store.grubhubusa.com/ and check out here the instructions for Brazil’s requests.
Many campsites have communal kitchen, however some do not have any equipment. So, the Grub Hub facilitates the life of any camper, but especially if you’re going to a wild camping, without any structure.
And then, what do you think?