Polar Fleece Jackets Premium Quality

Fleece jacket – warm, soft and quick drying!

Fleece is the best material for Outdoorzwecke! It keeps warm cuddly and not elaborately must be maintained. It is usually made of polyester fibers and can simply be washed in the machine. It still very good looks even after repeated wear and washing. Another plus: Fleece dries again in the blink of an eye! On day trips, this is of great advantage! Overnight, the fleece can be dry and is ready for use again the next day.
Compared to wool, fleece scores not only due to the significantly lower weight. It works easy moisture-repellent and not sucks fully himself as cotton with water. Even in the wet, insulates it always reliably and keeps the body warm. Through the small pack size, fleece jackets are super for trips and day tours.
They take little space in your backpack, but very helpful if it gets colder at night. The soft material scratches and also not itchy on the skin, and is also a popular piece of clothing for children. Fleeces are used outdoors for isolation purposes. A fleece is often combined with other clothing layers. A waterproof Hardshelljacke about it and it is warm and well protected on the way!

Fleece is not equal to fleece

There are many different types of fleece, which differ greatly in their quality. Fleece jackets vary in their density and are therefore suitable for very different applications. Specify 100 or 200 fleece is the weight of the material per square meter.
Thus a 100 fleece is thinner in his material density than a 200 fleece and weighs less. This may be for one small piece of luggage to great advantage. Even if the climate is too cool, it is worth to have a Lightweight fleece jacket in your luggage. In the winter and in really cold temperatures at high altitude a denser fleece is recommended. You can of course also more fleece jackets stacked combine.
In addition, the fleece jacket differ in their quality. You can see lack of quality due to a rapid formation of knots and a worn appearance. A really good fleece feels soft even after a long time, does not scratch and is still relatively new. It shows also in the degree of breathability a fleece jacket is as high quality.
A good fleece while isolated body heat, but also ensures that there is sufficient ventilation through the fabric. The fleece jacket for what purpose?
There are a variety of different Fleecematerialien, which are very different in their properties and the use
now. Ranging from super lightweight microfleece to nearly windproof material, the bandwidth is huge. Certain combinations of materials used for every purpose, perfectly suited to the climate and the own claims.
Still, is beauty of fleece jackets that they both strenuous skiing through winter landscapes, as also at home on the sofa fulfill their function.