Pillowcase for Better Sleep

What may be missing you sleep better? For this question, all agree that the comforter and pillow are essential items for a restorative sleep. To achieve comfortable beds, it is important to have a sense of well being and relaxation at the same time. While the comforter keeps us warm during the night, the pillow provides support for the head and a relief to the muscles of the neck and back, with the goal of providing a healthy sleep.
But not just any pillow for a relaxing evening. You have to pay attention to time, filling and product quality. To do this, we prepare the content below, full of tips and information for you to correctly choose the ideal pillow for your profile. Learn more about the types of pillows and how to use them with the suggestions and ensure delicious nights sleep!
However, it is possible to find different types of the pillow, which can be adapted for other uses.

Pillow: Uses Different for Different Habits

Regardless of sleeping on your back, side, with the belly up or sleep in any position, there is a special pillow that best fit every situation, because only with the correct pillow bed is complete and can provide the needed relaxation.
Resting properly is important in any position, as there are different sleep habits, the pillow is adapted for each of them. The differences are relative to the size, shape, fill material and the weight thereof.

Pillow Side of Sleep

Most of us sleep on your side, requiring a pillow that suits this particular position. The pillow should fill the cavity between the head and shoulders and it is necessary to have a special way. The ideal shape is more elongated than the common pillow and can also be used as a cushion between the legs.

Pillow to sleep with the Belly Up

Those who sleep with the belly up need a flatter pillow than the conventional to maintain the natural curvature of the spine during sleep.
Also, neck, shoulders and head should be resting on the pillow, in order to prevent snoring or even interruptions in breathing.

Pillow to sleep on their backs

Sleeping in this position brings many disadvantages to the spine, may cause pain and tension. The special pillow for those who sleep on your back can alleviate some despite being unlikely to improve sleep as a whole.

The Pillow Size Ideal

To fill the various sleeping habits, there are pillows of various sizes but the standard size is 50 × 70 cm. Generally the pillowcases are made to this size and if we have some pillow with different size, we should seek pillowcases made tailor-made.

Stuffing for each pillow type

One of the most important points to consider before you buy a pillow is filling the same, because their characteristics affect sleep considerably. The cotton is a classic type of filler because they are reasonably priced and are easy to clean. The cotton as filling material can absorb a lot of moisture through sweat during the night, so as it can be easily placed in the washing machine, ensures hygiene.
The second classic material for pillow filling are the feathers and down. Those who prefer to have a soft and cozy pillow should opt for these materials, and provide for heat. However, the greater the amount of down inside, the higher its price. One disadvantage of feather pillow and down side is that they often can not be washed and should be taken for laundry.
Pillows made ​​of microfibre are gaining popularity because fiber has many positive attributes, being light and antiperspirant, leaves the right environment for sleep. Especially for people with allergies, this pillow is ideal because it can be easily washed at home. Technology in the development of the tissues can be a great ally for people with allergies who want a safe and comfortable pillow. A good example is the so – called “NASA pillow.”
There are also other types of high quality filling as wool, silk or horsehair. But they are usually very expensive and are not suitable for all sleeping positions. The weight of the filler must also be considered because the higher the highest weight is a pillow.
Another important aspect is to choose a bedding kit that is suitable for each type of pillow. The standard measure of pillows usually 70 × 50 cm, with pillowcases options in viscoelastic tissue, super practical.
Some recommended pillow marks are FribascaOrtobom and Karsten.

Neck pillow

A special form of pillow is the neck, which is used to help relieve neck and spine during sleep, ensuring optimal posture during sleep and providing support to the head. These pillow models are usually made ​​of foam, filling the needs of those who use besides having a high support strength.
Regardless of which position you prefer to sleep, choosing a pillow is important and should be well thought out, because in the end, are you going to lie down and sleep on it!