Pillow Tips for Newborns

How to choose the ideal pillow?

Ensuring a good night’s sleep for children is a frequent concern of parents. And they increase when they are newborns. Especially in relation to the baby pillow.After all, how do you know when to use it and which model is the most appropriate?
According to the experts, in the first months of life there is no need to put a pillow in the baby’s crib , and it is best to sleep on a firm, flat and soft surface, accommodating the baby’s spine.
From the age of six months, the child can use a pillow.However, it should fill the space between the mattress and the child’s head.Thus, the spine will remain aligned and the airways free.
When in doubt, the mother should seek information from her pediatrician.If necessary, when you are taking the baby to an appointment, take the doubts away with the pillow so the doctor can check the height.

Types of Pillows for Babies

Who thinks that baby pillow is all the same, is very mistaken. There are versions that go far beyond being anti-allergic and anti-mite:
Anti-suffocating pillow
It has holes in strategic locations that allow the baby to breathe normally.The pillow has holes that allow the air circulation, ideal for the healthy sleep of the child.It reduces the risk of suffocation and gives both the baby and the parents a calmer night.
Memory Pillow
Protects the round and sensitive shape of the baby’s head.By doing so, it helps reduce the effects of Headache Syndrome (Plagiocephaly).In addition to being anatomical and comfortable, it has the benefit of Airflow technology, which controls humidity and increases airflow to the baby’s cozy position.
Anti-reflux pillow
It has a slope that facilitates digestion and breathing.It has the correct inclination recommended by pediatricians, keeping high the head and the trunk of the baby, thus facilitating, the breathing and the digestion and relieving the possibility of refluxes.

What is the recommended size?

Several manufacturers offer specially designed pillows for small children.They are smaller than traditional ones with dimensions around 30.5 cm x 40.6 cm and thickness between 5.1 and 7.6 cm.The smaller size eliminates excess tissue that may cause risk of suffocation.The children’s pillows are also firmer than the typical adult pillows.
Select a standard size pillow if a child is not available.It measures 50 x 65 cm.Do not allow your child to sleep with more than one standard pillow at a time.If she sleeps in a double bed, remove the extra pillows so that she stays only a while she sleeps.

When to replace it?

When you notice that the baby’s neck is tilted down, it is time to replace the pillow with a taller one.When the child exchanges the crib for the bed, get an adult pillow, but a little lower.

Pillow care

– To ensure the child’s health, the pillow should be properly sanitized.If your child is allergic the care should be redoubled, keeping it free of mites, fungi and other micro-organisms.
– There are some versions of anti-allergic pillows and anti-dust on the market.However, the fabric should be washed and the pillowcase changed.Check the guidelines for hygiene on the label, as there are models that can not have contact with water.
– Make sure it can be dried inside, as the humid and warm environment favors the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. A good tip is to get more porous materials, which facilitate internal ventilation and help dry the pillow quickly.

Please note…

– Teach your child how to keep the pillow under the head and neck, never under the shoulders !Leaving the pillow under the shoulders lifts them forward, pressing the lungs and curves of the spine.
– Cover the child’s pillow with a removable, washable pillowcase.They are available in various styles and colors.To wrap your child in this transition to the pillow, let her choose the pillowcase.
– Have your child try some pillows in a reclining position to determine which one provides the best support for the head and neck.
– Never place a baby on a pillow. This increases the risk of Sudden Death Syndrome and may suffocate an infant or young child
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