Picture Decoration

Decoration With Photos And Artistic Illustrations

Using photos and artwork in the decoration allows you to create contemporary and sophisticated environments. For those who like art and even collecting , visiting virtual galleries is a great way to get quality products at home to create unique environments and convey under an artistic look everything that is inside us and that we want to show.
In this article we select images of the artist Fernando Leoni and show how and where to use photos and illustrations in your home and / or trade.

What is the first step?

To choose the ideal image you should answer before a few questions :
Inwhat environment will the image be placed? (Living room, bedroom, office, …);
What is thesensation you want to convey? (Joy, life, nostalgia, peace, tranquility, action …);
How big is the environment?(Large images are best viewed from afar);
What colors and textures already exist in the environment?(To highlight the work of art the colors and textures should not compete with the image, but rather value them);
How is the lighting of the place?(Lamps with low color rendering do not value the work of art and very hot, incandescent bulbs can affect the quality of exposed photos – learn more aboutTypes of Lamps ).

Choose Colors Correctly

Strong colors generate action and movement , bring joy and relaxation. Here is a brief description of the main colors and how they influence us emotionally:
Green:very present in nature, refers to balance and peace. It brings comfort and is great forcalming and relaxing, so it is great to be used in bedrooms and living rooms. Darker hues are sadder;
These 3 images are examples of how landscapes and details with green convey tranquility and peace. Note that the green lights are strong and stimulating in contrast to the other dark colors in the photograph.Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Blue: Thiscolor brings peace of mind whether it’s light or slightly darker. It is very suitable forrooms for bringing the feeling of protection and warmth and with this help in the fight against insomnia. By calming the mind it assists in the reasoning and stimulates the creativity;
Each image shows blue in a different way. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Yellow:present in flowers and in details of animals, this color brings joy and exuberance.By these characteristics is associated with the idea of wealth and luxury . Beingstimulating is also directly related to the functioning of mind and reasoning. Ideal foroffices and bedrooms (but in small doses, not to over stimulate the mind) and for areas such as kitchens and dining rooms (being an “active” colorstimulatesthe appetite. Use it a lot in their logos and establishments);
The yellow color is alive, brings joy and also conveys the sense of wealth and luxury. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Red:brings optimism and strength, so it is related to self-confidence and vitality. Too much red can generate irritation and impatience. It is also widely used to stimulate appetite and therefore suitable for kitchens and dining rooms. A little in the bedroomcan be stimulating and favor the marriage of the couple;
Examples of landscapes and details with red. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Orange: itis a cheerful and stimulating color (perfect against depression). It is related tohappiness, the energy, the attraction and creativity. Great for any environment, but care should be taken with the amount used: exaggerating greatly stimulates the mind and can make it tiring;
Orange is alive and hot: it brings energy and stimulates creativity. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Brown:conveys the stability and comfort of the earth and therefore removes insecurity. It brings reality closer and stimulates a sense of caution . It should be used in small doses, because too much can cause depression. Great for business environments that require moments of choice, such as offices;
The brown conveys comfort and security, is great for offices. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Black:is related to the feeling of protection and mystery by pictures. It should be used with care, as it refers to isolation and silence. Small doses stimulate the order and the feeling of powerand nobility;
White:brings peace and comfort, is related to the feeling of purity . It calms the thoughts and emotions, releases and is great for reducing stress . But be careful! White and m excess can cause depression by generating the feeling of coldness and isolation.
Black and white photos: they refer to silence and isolation, stimulate order and refer to the feeling of “power”. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging

Choose Style

Depending on the sensation you want to generate, you can choose:
Isolated Elements in a Landscape: it is a focal point and so they draw attention to themselves. Trees create a sense of stability and strength. Depending on how it is represented by the artist, the effects are quite different;
The isolated element is highlighted. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Landscapes without first plane marked: it transmits calm and tranquility by taking our attention to “the horizon” of the image. It is like looking at the infinite: the mind wanders and this stimulates introspection;
As there is no element in the foreground of photography, our gaze is “taken” to the horizon, stimulating insight. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Black and White Photos: also lead to introspection by stimulating silence, reducing stress and making the mind isolate for a few moments;
Black and white photography encourages introspection and silences the mind for a few moments. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Perspectives that grow from the bottom upmake us look up and that encourages “spiritual upliftment. ” The sensation of rising makes the environment gain importance(in it there is something differentiated that must be valued );
These are some examples of photographs that “take the look” from the bottom up. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Animals: they confer personality through the profile of the animal and details like its size, look, …
Bird: a symbol of freedom and delicacy. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging

How to use Photos and Illustrations in the Environments?

Check out some color tips and themes for various environments:
Colors: the blue and green are great to transmit tranquility, protection and warmth. A little red can warm the atmosphere and favor the relationship in double rooms.
Tema : will depend on the profile of who uses the environment. If you are looking fortranquility and introspection use landscape without background. If you want life / action, abuse the colors. Flowers are delicate details that convey beauty and soften the space.
Decorating Ideas- Picture Examples
Great to put on the headboard of the bed. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
It can also be placed over the head of the bed or even in offices. Images: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Male rooms may have themed frames, showing cars, trucks, ships, … action and movement according to the personality of those who use the space. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Examples of Use of Pictures / Illustrations in – Rooms
Quadro gains prominence in the illuminated niche. Double bedroom. Source: World of Tribes.
Composition of 6 small pictures. Source: Hülsta.
Horizontal composition of frames. Source: Hülsta
Work supported on shelf. Acrea Line Furniture. Source: Hülsta
Dining Rooms and Kitchens
Colors: red, yellow and orange stimulate the appetite and make these environments morecheerful and relaxed.
Theme:Try to use more vivid images. You can use food, flowers, birds … the choice will depend on the style of your decoration.
Decorating Ideas- Picture Examples
Kitchen-related themes or just decorative details create a sense of nostalgia: similar to the feeling conveyed by still-life themes. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Thematic images bring different sensations. This, for example, would look great on a retro kitchen.Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
These images illustrate the different possibilities of decoration that can be used in your kitchen or dining room. Note in the images below how these photos can be valued and inserted into your decoration.Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Examples of Use of Photos / Illustrations in Kitchens, Cups and Dining Rooms
The color of the wall gives prominence to the frame that in turn values ​​the illustration. Source: Hülsta.
Pictures and illustrations can stand on sideboards in dining rooms, gaining prominence. M Source: Hülsta.
The frame makes the wall a focal point. The black frame and the white background value the colors of the image. Kitchen of BBA Design Consultants. Source: Freshome.com
The glass protects the engraving and the background color resembles that of the wall, harmonizing with the latter. Source: Block Kitchens.
Living Rooms and Home Theaters
Colors:you can use them all ! The important thing is to know how to compose so as not to exaggerate in any of them. The orange, for being gay, stimulates good conversation.
Theme:enjoy to check your style in this space.
Decorating Ideas- Picture Examples
Orange transmits energy and encourages good conversations. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging Triptych: three images that can be placed side by side and have the same technique. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
The room can receive a thematic decoration according to the preferences of the resident. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Examples of Use of Photos / Living Rooms Illustrations
In the background, the frame collection creates an active vertical element. Source: Hülsta To enhance the high ceilings the images were placed above the shelf. Source: Hülsta
The engravings were valued through the use of white frames and supported on a shelf close to the floor.Source: Hülsta
Colors: black and whiteconvey solidity, favor insulation and reduce stress. The yellowstimulates reasoning and brown creates stability and comfort, facilitating the makingdecision.
Theme: landscapes with a defined planebring the sensation of strength and growth (in the case of trees ); Animals transmit their personality, such as felines or birds, generating different sensations and influencing day-to-day decision-making (more aggressive, freer , more creative, …)
Decorating Ideas- Picture Examples
Themes such as cities and transport (trains, ships, cars, motorcycles …) look great in sepia color photographs. They convey a nostalgic feeling and exhibit the personality of the resident. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
These photographs follow the same theme mentioned above, but because of their colors and characteristics they convey action and movement. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
This is a great theme for offices that want to convey the feel of contemporaneity and technology such as advertising offices and architecture. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Two more examples to illustrate the “city” theme mentioned above. Pictures: Fernando Leoni Imaging
Examples of Use of Photographs / Illustrations in Offices
Photos arranged in a free and unpretentious way create a different feeling for the environment.Source: Hülsta
The small image is highlighted by the disproportionate difference of its size and that of the frame. Source: Hülsta
Toilets and Sinks
Cowers:there are no restrictions. In general, stronger colors can be used in washrooms (in which the stay is smaller) and lighter shades in bathrooms of routine use, since they are spaces of rest.
Examples of Use of Photographs / Illustrations in Bathrooms and Sinks
The small image is highlighted by the disproportionate difference of its size and that of the frame. Source: Hülsta
Toilets and Sinks
Cowers:there are no restrictions. In general, stronger colors can be used in washrooms (in which the stay is smaller) and lighter shades in bathrooms of routine use, since they are spaces of rest.
Examples of Use of Photographs / Illustrations in Bathrooms and Sinks
This isolated element is highlighted. The black and white colors combine with the environment, more sober and cool. Source: BBA Design Consultants.

Next Steps – Finishes and Compositions

The selection of materials used in the assembly of the painting is of great importance for thepreservation and final composition of the work. The photos presented here, by the artist Fernando Leoni, are printed on Canson Infinity Photo Rag 100% cotton paper, which is known worldwide for its quality.
The preservation of the work is guaranteed by the combination of a quality frame, glass, passe-partout and foam board, as described below.
Frames: These are indicated for prints on this type of paper because they protect the photo.And those who value the work of art. Worry about the colors and textures and also on the “how” this illustration will be exposed. Will you have a paper border around it? (This draws attention to the figure in the center);
Glass: also contributes to the preservation of the work. It can be anti-reflective or normal;
Pass-Partout: The space created by the pass-partout prevents moisture from being transferred to the work. The material has a neutral pH, is acid free and reduces the aging and yellowing of the work, besides giving a differentiated finish;
Foam-board:conservation card indicated for funds of works of art. It has treatment against fungi and bacteria and accompanies all the framed works shown in this article.