Phone Is Perfect!

No, we demand not the perfect phone. But we want devices properly and without doctorate degree allows the Mobile Academy to work. Instead, there is hardly a mobile without quirks.
Too little memory
Why have space to be these days still so limited? It actually would be a simple for Nokia and co., to build several GByte in each device. But the memory card manufacturers want to live too. Therefore the cell phone manufacturers slip only cards with small-capacity in the package, if any, so that the customer must still buy.
To daring designs
We don’t want to prohibit also pretty designs. But the form should follow function, and not vice versa. A keyboard is now once mainly for typing and not to look at. Recently Nokia has made here but again thought-provoking us with its Prism instrument.
Too bad processes
The processing of many phones at can be more than to be desired. Since helps only to watch the desire cell phone only once more, to study our tests and to make the decision to buy the quality. Otherwise, the manufacturers never learn.
On the following pages you will find the worst breakdowns of current mobile phones.There are many more examples in our photo gallery.

Short Endurance, Low Memory

More functions need more energy. The manufacturer but by no means consider this simple rule: on the battery technology, little has changed for years.
These new functions have been added. Consuming applications such as GPS or wireless LAN pull not only power in just a few hours empty the battery of many devices. Also, the MP3 player of modern mobile phones, which already can take on stand alone players, need much power. Although the manufacturer install today called plane modes, which allow switching off the phone functions while listening to music. But who wants to sacrifice even the accessibility for the music? As a result, that music plus receive empty can suck a battery in a few hours. Example: the Nokia N95, which held in the test only a measly two and a half hours GSM call under full load out. The successor, N95 8 GB should now be all better.
Positive example: There is another way, Nokia has in the N-series with the N73proven in the test talks about four hours allowed.
Memory full: Please delete
This or similar commands have see probably the most mobile phone users on their display. From the point of view of falling prices for memory cards that should no longer occur. Why build still phones under 10 MB of internal memory, see Nokia 3500 classicthat is incomprehensible. After all, is a memory card slot available on this model.
It is also annoying that many manufacturers with a move no memory card in the package. Fortunately, there are cards with a capacity of 1 GB now account for around ten euros available.
Positive examples: Most mobile phones-the entry-level excluded-today offer memory expansion card. This is not possible, at least the built-in memory should be large enough for the Sony Ericsson W950iwith rich four Gbytes. And that a card can be also with entry-level phones, Sony Ericsson has the W200i shown (128 MB supplied).

Branding And Acoustic Weaknesses

The branding of mobile phones remains a nuisance. Although the negative sides have known for years, little has moved the network operators.
While there are safeguards designed to prevent an involuntary dialling on the mobile Internet for some devices. Security queries or activation after more secondary-side press are not uncommon. The prominently placed key to dial remains however: as the central navigation button in the main menu, but to the Internet leads with various Samsung phones. And also the menus are to be heavily adapted by operators.This can go so far that the symbols of the provider to get away are even with own display designs.
Positive examples: Nokia phones with the OSS S40 and S60 provide setting possibilities. You can customize even branded devices except for a few details to suit your needs. But also in many other phones to assign the Internet button.
Use the phone?
The core function of a mobile phone of the manufacturer forgot Also during the telephone conversation, improvements are overdue for years. How about for example a speaker independent voice dialing for all phones? Only current Nokia models offer this feature. Or with an automatic task creation for rejected calls? The possibilities are unlimited, but hardly used. Also the acoustic values of current cell phones often disappoint in our tests. Where is calling for the majority of users are still in the Center.
Positive example: At least in terms of acoustics, he could MDA Vario II (HTC TyTN) convince. The successor, TyTN II However, the values a lot look worse.

Little Power, Poor Processing

The more must afford a cell phone, the greater should be the computing power. Current Smartphones have processors with 400 MHz. Others falter.
For example the Sony Ericsson smartphones. M600i, W950i, P990i and even the P1i need to come out with the “Philips Nexperia Processor PNX4008” 208 MHz. While the competition builds up already 400 MHz, Sony Ericsson has lagged behind.This means: you have to wait often several seconds on menu input and program starts. Only advantage: A smaller processor needs less power. After all: The soon to be released Walkman Smartphone W960i lets hope. Here, Sony Ericsson wants to use an Intel processor. Whether he will have 400 MHz?
Positive example: HTC has its new TyTN II (HTC Kaiser) missed a 400 MHz fast processor. Thus, no long waiting should occur when calling programs.
Collapse boxes
Bad processing and weaknesses in the construction is common in today’s mobile phones. The pressure of time, new models quickly on the market will bring, as well as the production in low-wage countries such as China are basic. This can lead to embarrassing actions for the manufacturer. Most recently Sony Ericsson surprised us, the problems with his S500i had to admit: after a few days the plastic buttons of the keyboard broke apart here in the Middle – a classic design flaws, coupled with cheap materials. But even Nokia had with his N76 little luck: Users reported off crumbling paint at the edges.
Positive examples: Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones are processed in an average good to very good. Although the materials for the first units were still cheap, but once the phones were stable. Also LG has some very robust devices on offer, for example, the Shine with steel housing.

Small Buttons, Missing Features

A phone in each case should be well operated. But, some designers don’t care about usability. Otherwise, it can be explained not daring experiments of keyboard.
Of course also accustomed man on small buttons, such as on so much else. But just typing not is yet. Are seen at Sony Ericsson’s then just once as big as a grain of rice the keys, W880i and K550i, the fingertips can ever hurt after an MMS or email. Fortunately a dial keypad Nokia’s plans have not prevailed. The new Nokia 7500 Prismbut not exactly convincing with his new concept.
Positive examples: Everything used to be better-at least on the keyboards. Because a few years ago, there were fewer designers who so grossly neglected the keypad less designer devices and apparently. It should be crisp and easy to operate, the dream keyboard. Examples: Nokia 6230i or Sony Ericsson K800i.
Missing or defective functions
Do you know that? There have the absolute dream phone, but an important feature is missing. Sony Ericsson smartphones and all Windows Mobile phones that do to the environment profiles. You were simply forgotten apparently. Or have a music player on your phone that runs only in the foreground? Listening to music at the SMS typing is not? Well that is a nuisance, seen at many Motorola and Samsung cell phones.
Also resent the functions that although there are, but do not work as they should. At the Nokia N95 the GPS module lets its users likes down. That Nokia 5700 Xpress music sucks through his rotary engine that obstructed important keys in camera mode. Surprised this has us iPhone, but in the negative: A mobile in Germany without MMS, video recording and UMTS? Apple has ignored all calls to Europe start to repair.
Where’s the connection?
Speaking of design: phones like the W880i or the newT650i extremely flat built by Sony Ericsson. For this reason, the manufacturer banished the connector for the charger like on the side – so far he was attached to the bottom of the device. This is a disadvantage especially for owners of table Chargers and handsfree in the car. See our photo gallery for sample photos.
Positive example: The charging port is down as the case of the Sony Ericsson K810i.

Conclusion: Off To New Shores

Faster phones need to come today on the market. Even if they were tested for some time, problems show up only after the market launch. Then the manufacturer need to push updates. Soon we get recalls like on a car?
Software improvements today belong to the standard repertoire. Some manufacturers release new firmware versions for their phones in weekly. It seems easy to get not as some bugs were. For exchanging the hardware expensive recalls would be necessary, but so far staying out.
Many other controversy could actually easily turn off the manufacturer. A GB should a multimedia phone for example today just Memory are enclosed. As the designer should ask themselves whether they like would take the mobile phone an SMS also for typing in the hand, even though the Keypad the purest disaster is. A 500-euro phone with camera and without MMS? This nerve is making Apple with the iPhone.
Important is and will remain an ordinary Acoustic. Since mobile telephony is becoming increasingly important, the interlocutors should have no problems to understand properly.
Also repeatedly to criticize: lack of Processing quality. Customers are maybe yes but willing to pay a few euros more for better processed devices. But the attempts in this direction can be counted on one hand.