Pebble Time Round: Exclusive Test Of The Round Smartwatch

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Pebble time round is super small and lightweight. However, she has everything on board, what constitutes a Smartwatch. The biggest advantage of Pebble watches dropped but the now greatly reduced battery: long battery life. The e-paper display is outside super reading, inside but slightly dark. Best price on the Internet: 99,99 Euro * per order this product on Amazon works with many Smartphones small and easily many apps cons short battery life of wobbly charging plug display roughly something poorly read Testrating 3.13 editorial satisfying now evaluate Pebble time round so user rating is in dark rooms that round Smartwatch by Pebble. And it is probably the first Pebble, seen not just as a smart watch. She is so small that she fit also on smaller wrists. The time round has slimmed down a lot compared to the larger models Pebble time and time steel: is only 7.5 mm thick, has a 38.5 millimeters in diameter weighs just 28 grams (32 grams in the variant with wider strap). The reduction was however at the expense of the battery. A risky strategy, because Pebble watches differed so far precisely because of its long duration without reloading.

Kleiner, for shorter term

The battery in the Pebble time round ranged in the test at moderate use with powered-on messages from the Smartphone and automatic lighting just two days. That’s about as long as most of the other smartphones in mind you significantly slimmer proportions. The shrinking cure has done the Pebble time round of also less robust: the Pebble time goes in a water depth of 30 meters, time round, however, only still holds a temporary immersion in up to one meter says water depth as the norm. The cover slip is okay for a watch of the price range up to 300 euro. Miracles in terms of scratch resistance you but do not expect a gorilla-2.5 display. The case of the watch is available in two widths (14 mm and 20 mm) from sea-water resistant steel in black, silver and Rosé gold, as well as with leather straps. The bracelets can be easily replaced by others.

Video on the subject

Next round for pebble: with the time round continues with the Smartwatch family. Our site has already tested the clock. A round thing? Pebble time round in the test

The display

The display will, as by a very wide margin framed at Pebble, so that the display is even only minimally larger than a euro coin. Some apps have this so tiny that you barely able to read properly they unfortunately also the display the battery level has been quite small. With 180 times 180 pixels display of the time round resolves details finer than the time and time steel could it. “The next Pebble uberbreiten please just as big, but with a better display without this edge.” Michael Link, editor for special tasks the display is however significantly coarser than about the Apple Watch and the Motorola Moto 360. Unlike the brilliant, but power-guzzling AMOLED display in the competition a so-called epaper display is installed in the Pebble time round. It consumes power only when switching the display contents, but only 64 colors. Nevertheless, apps and menus are quite beautifully decorated, but remember with their simplicity partially on the graphics of the early computer era.

Pebble time round: the Smartwatch in detail

Use the clock

Who knows a time or time steel, must not be to. The Watch has four buttons, but no touch screen. The latter is no loss given the size of the display. The time is constantly visible, either the Pebble turns on a backlight to. Special feature: Unlike in all other Smartwatches displays also the seconds the non-illuminated display depending on the dial and tune. Speaking of fine adjustment: colors, sizes and additional fields can be selected in great detail many of the dials of the watch. All this is done through the companion app Pebble time on your Smartphone; the cooperation with an Android or an ios Smartphone works without any restrictions. There are unofficial apps of other providers that also work for Windows Smartphones. Angel point is always an app which all is to download what you want scoop on the clock. Currently, there are however not very many watches apps that are compatible with the round display of Pebble time round. The Developer Kit (SDK) provides a lot of tools for developers for software however. Pebble makes its customers appetite for self developing apps. The free and fairly easy-to-learn development opportunities promise quick success even beginners.
Download: Pebble Time for Android download
Download: Pebble Time for ios download

Finally in: pedometer

As the Pebble time Pebble round also has a lot of sensors: A compass, a three-axis motion sensor and a magnetometer, also an ambient light sensor and a gyroscope. The Pebble round has now fitted as standard with the update of the operating system the pedometer and sleep app Pebble health on board. In the test, showed she still distances in miles and it erroneously interpreted as sleep time, if you just left the watch on the table. The collected data can be directly in the watch view themselves, there is even a small statistics. The comparison with the Smartphone is possible, so that the data for example also at Apple health can land, if you wanted to.