Pebble Steel is a High Tech Watch with Metal Bracelet

I haven’t been hooked by wearable gadgets. This is a category of products that is still emerging, but the few available on the market are not fully functional or do not have a nice design. However, in an announcement made today CES 2014, the Pebble, a pioneer of intelligent watches, seems to take the first step to finally solve these two problems. The company announced the Pebble Steel, your premium smartwatch clock with metal bracelet and screen with Gorilla glass Glass. And also took the opportunity to publicize the arrival of your app store, planned for January this year.

The design is more sophisticated and beautiful, fleeing the still predominantly Roma visual of the current smartwatches. Available in two colors, Brushed Stainless Steel (Silver) and Black Matte (black), it will come with two bracelets: a metal and another. The screen is of e-ink, which means that it can be seen with tranquility under the sunshine. There are also internal lighting to aid in use at night. The battery promises of 5 to 7 days of use; There is also an LED to indicate the charging the boat, which is done by USB cable that came with the watch. The connection with the mobile phone is made by Bluetooth, but it can cause an impact of up to 10% on your smartphone battery expense. And it’s waterproof.
The Pebble Steel works just like your predecessor, despite having more RAM (8 MB 4 MB of the original against); in other words, is fully compatible with the current ecosystem, and can run any application created by then. And speaking of application, the company disclosed that finally will release your appstore for users in mid-January. According to CEO Eric Migicovsky, it will come with a good amount of apps available, but still no date set for the launch. Among the partnerships announced are apps created for ESPN, Mercedes, and for the online radio site Pandora.
The price, however, is not one of the cheapest. The pre-sale of Pebble Steel starts today, for US $249. According to the announcement, sending would begin on 28 January; However, the site indicates that the new Pebble Steel will be dispatched in mid-February, since the stock is fairly limited. The Pebble continues to sell original five different colors (black, gray, white, Orange and red) for $150. International shipping is free; However, stay tuned to taxes, if you want to ensure your.