Pebble Renews its line of Smart Watches

He presented two models, with a week of battery and new heart rate sensors; also, a programmable button with 3G and Wi-Fi.
Pebble, the pioneer in smart watches, introduced its third generation of smartwatches. As on other occasions, he did it through the platform of collective funding, Kickstarter, repeating its initial successes (although we should expect to see if, as in previous versions, transform into a record): coupled million dollar base seeking at a time; at the time of writing this note passed the 2 million dollars of sales. The company says that since its presentation it sold 1.8 million watches Pebble, which according to its founder is more than all the Android Wear together.

To difference of the Apple Watch and clocks with Android Wear, Pebble opted for simple hardware, and more limited, but that also gives you some advantages. As in the previous models, usa ink electronics for the more modest version (Pebble 2, $ 99) or a LCD panel color of low consumption (for Pebble Time 2, 169 dollars, with metallic frame), which reduces the frames with respect to the original version.
Pebble 2 maintains its classic screen ink electronic, visible with direct sunlight.
In both cases, the grace is that the screen is switched on permanently without affecting the battery: the autonomy of these watches is 7 days for Pebble 2 and 10 days for Time 2. The other big change is that both incorporate an in the back, accelerometer and compass heart rate monitor to work as pedometers and physical activity registration systems.
Both watches are waterproof (30 meters defined by and do not use touch screens, but they appeal to side buttons to fast forward, backward or select an item from the chronology of notifications that forms the basis of its user interface. They also have a microphone to send voice messages in any of their 13,000 applications. do not have GPS or Wi-Fi, but yes Bluetooth to link up with a smartphone with Android or iPhone.
The first deliveries of watches will be made in September (for the 2 Pebble) and November (for the Pebble Time 2).
The Core Pebble is an accessory to leave at home the phone to go running.
Another novelty of the company is the Core Pebble, a portable device that the company proposes to complement the watch and accessory to avoid carrying the cellular to the exercise. Antennas 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (for what can give you connectivity to clock) has, GPS, audio output to listen to Spotify music or that is stored in its 4 GB internal, compatibility with various applications of monitoring of physical exercise and a battery with a week of autonomy.
Runs Android 5.0, and the company will sell it in two versions: the “official” and set it to taste, and change the function of the button to trigger other actions.
It will be available in January of next year.