Panasonic's Robust Tablet Arrives in Brazil in October

Device with 1.8 cm thick, 10.1-inch screen and Android 4.0 is turned to companies with hostile field work
The Panasonic will launch in Brazil the Toughpad A1, a robust tablet facing companies with hostile fieldwork.
A little thicker than conventional tablets, with 1.8 cm thick, the device Android 4.0, has 10.1-inch screen, 1024 X 768 resolution, 16 GB of internal memory and 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. The touch screen counts with a stylus, which promises to help workers operate the device even with gloves.
The tablet in is resistant to falls from up to 1.2 m, rain and extreme temperatures. This is because the device has a meticulous manufacturing process, in addition to a magnesium-alloy housing. The weight is relatively high relative to the other tablets, 960 grams.
According to João Alberto Rodrigues Simões, the operations manager of computers and tablets of Panasonic Brasil, even having as a targeted audience the corporate market, he believes that the tablet can attract the ultimate consumer as well.
The executive still comments that the manufacturer’s Toughbooks computers have 72% market share in the niche of heavy-duty machinery in the United States. In Brazil, the military police station of Paraná went on to use the brand’s computers in December 2011.
“Automotive sectors, public safety, petroleum, mining, petrochemical and the armed forces are examples of interested in Toughpad,” he says. “I was hired to expand the success of the robust line in the U.S. to Latin America, including Brazil,” concludes.
The Toughpad A1 arrives in October and will cost between R $3000 and R $3500. According to the company, between April and May of next year, a 7-inch version, called Toughpad B1, will also be launched in the country.