Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview, The Information

Google has not forgotten presented in the I/o 2016 next innovations that will come to the family of watches Android Wear with first next major upgrade will receive after launching the first version two years ago.

Android Wear 2.0 It will be the next version of the operating system for wearables that reach the clocks at the end of the year and will be based on Android N. This new version will arrive full of important developments which completely renews the interface and makes watches more practical and less dependent on our phone. Continue reading

Android N 3 Preview Is Presented Officially, and So Will Be The Next Generation Android

Google I/O 2016 would not only bring us news as conversational mode for the search engine and its materialization in device, Google Home, because the Mountain View giant has fulfilled expectations teaching one new pre-release version of Android to rejoice in the afternoon.

The 3 Android N preview is no possibility of us dropping, and that Google had already been announcing prior most of improvements today made official, but not why we were going to ignore which is probably already the version prior to the launch of a promising Android N. Continue reading

Russia Accelerates with The Mobile OS Android-Racing: What We Know about This Project

Russian engineers have already hands to work in the creation of a own mobile operating system enabling the country to escape from the tyranny of Android, iOS and the NSA. It being a private company controlled by a billionaire of the transports, although the Government of Russia already unveiled its investment plan public. Now the Communications Minister has openly shown its support in search of talent.

For the moment there is more speculation than certainty about this project. Indeed, we don’t even know yet what will be the name of this mobile OS. But some basic concepts of the technology being used, which make it quite clear that Android is its model and at the same time his rival. Continue reading

Check If Your Mobile Is Compatible with Doze with This Application

Your mobile phone already have Marshmallow? Congratulations, this means that you encuadras in 7.5% of users who are already enjoying the latest official version of Android on their devices. And that means that your mobile can save valuable battery thanks to one of the functions of Marshmallow, Doze star.

Because if you already have a Marshmallow, that means that you have Doze, isn’t it? So no, it is not so simple. Function Doze has specific requirements to run it is possible that your phone does not comply. Specifically you need to have a motion sensor and a cloud messaging service so that you don’t miss any messages while your mobile ‘sleep’. Continue reading

13 What’s New with MIUI 8: Desktop Dual to The Explosion of Color

Xiaomi wants that 8 MIUI is one more reason for the users decide by their smartphones instead of by one of the competition. They just presented the new iteration of its Android coat with a long list of changes that begin with its aesthetics, far removed from its old style to the iOS.

Without delving into the small details, only looking up, there is a long list of 13 changes in broad sense among those who affect to the redesign, which refer to the basic functional and which affect some of the applications installed.

Of course, little trace of Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the next version of MIUI, which leaves him well buried in typography. In addition, Xiaomi has unveiled the calendar, which opens this month of may. Continue reading

Google: “Android One Has Become a Part of Our Overall Strategy of Hardware”

With Google I/O 2016 to around the corner, so close that even the official app of the event is now available, start the betting on what will be presented and what not in the big event of the year for developers and users of Android. Although software always gets most of the attention, with the arrival of the Pixel C and Rick Osterloh has opened the door to also speculate with hardware.

We don’t know what will be designing Alphabet in this regard, but the person in charge of Android One, Mike Hayes (Director of Business Development for Android, Chrome & Hardware Partnerships in APAC and Global Business Development lead for Android One according to his LinkedIn), anticipated that both sectors already walking together hand. Continue reading

Samsung Experience with Vulkan in TouchWiz and Finds a Great Saving of Battery

Vulkan is not making too much noise, but this graphic API is practically here as evidenced by its presence in the Android N. 2 preview But its advantages not only apply to video games and polygonal modeling in general, as always indicated as its pillar. Samsung has done an experiment with your launcher and has obtained good results.

During the Samsung Developers Conference that is taking place these days in San Francisco, they have presented a version of TouchWiz developed under Vulkan has achieved improvements in performance and reduction in the consumption of battery, without being in depth in its potential. Continue reading

First 8 MIUI Video, Which Breaks with The IOS Style

The Xiaomi’s next Tuesday May 10 event does not cease fatten in content. Because besides the bracelet my Band 2 and phablet Xiaomi Max, it will also have a hole for the new version of the reinterpretation Xiaomi makes Android, 8 MIUI.

Anticipating what is to come, the Chinese company has published a short video where you can see one of its elements, perhaps the most important of all that have to do with the user interface: the new bar of notifications and quick adjustments. Many changes in design and functionality that away it completely from iOS. Continue reading

Year and a Half with Official Cyanogen, This Is My Experience

It was October 2014 and Google would release their Nexus of the year. The expectation was maximum. And there was Double deception. First because they released it without warning (you can imagine the stress that we live in Xataka Android). Second, because the price was not attractive. Nexus 6 broke the line marked by the Nexus 4 and 5 a mobile (not hiperpuntero) attraction at a mid-range price.

By then my Nexus 4, already with two years, gave its latest tail. Despite being one of the mobile happier had I the power is resented, the storage was always full and the battery lasted not much. It was my time to change of terminal. Continue reading

Google I/O 2016: Agenda and Delivery of Prizes Google Play Awards

In the absence of a month to get it boot I/O 2016 already know the full agenda of the most important event for developers of Google that will take place next month of may of the 18 to 20 may in San Francisco.

We already know that the expected keynote of the Google I/O 2016 It will be on Wednesday, may 18 at 10:00 AM PDT, 13:00 PM CEST. As in previous years the Conference will be broadcast live on YouTube. Continue reading

Android N Brings a “Virtual Reality Mode”

Second wave of novelties of the second preview of Android, that still leaves news hidden in the inner workings of your code. We have already had some demonstrations of how they will operate the 3D Touch sensitive screens to the pressure and the synthesis of voice to taste. Now comes the turn to Virtual reality.

The next iteration of Google’s mobile operating system will be ready to support the VR applications. At least is what is deduced from the configuration and options for Android N virtual reality mode, that you have already present in this version of previous developers. And it has nothing to do with Cardboard VR, it goes in the direction of being a platform.

VR helper services and VR mode

Under that name, VR helper services, it is a new menu which will locate the applications relating to virtual reality. Ars Technica teaches it in this screenshot along with a brief explanation of the route to be followed to reach it:–> applications settings: settings–>–> VR special access button helper services.

For the moment, the only thing that appears there is the message vacuum: “any installed application has asked for permission to run as VR helper services”. That points to that it will be a space from which give or withhold access to these services, are those who are and work as work, the great mystery that is in the air.

In addition, among the different strings or lines of the Android N 2 preview function, Ars Technica has also found a reference to a RV mode. In particular, a warning about permits that says that you a particular app “may run when using mode virtual reality applications”.

Relating a little both elements can be deduced, at risk of mistake, that when users are in VR mode, the services of former menu support will allow managing which applications have the right to interrupt and what not this state of total immersion. It pulls us that they notify us messages or emails when we are isolated against the viewfinder? And emergency calls?

All ready for Google VR?

We have a been listening to rumors about push Google to Virtual reality. Already at the beginning of year, Re/code ensured that an exclusive for this type of interface equipment was created with Clay Bavor in command. One of its tasks would be to create a more serious than the simple hardware Cardboard, a road that it took weeks more confirmed sources of The Wall Street Journal.

Android N include this Manager of connected applications and, therefore, an API related to the VR, not confirmed at all that Google will sell their own headset. But yes points to that so-called OS aside, mentioned as Android VR, would rather be more integrated in the next SO common one-piece.

All this, where there is just one month to start the Google I/o 2016, in which should not miss Virtual reality.