Tips and Looks: Fashions, Versatility and Tendency of Handbags Chenson

Hello my darlings, all right? And it is with great pleasure that we bring to you, again, more a story about the versatility of Handbags Chenson.
By comfort and practicality, and for allowing a touch for style and elegance in all visual, we decided, once again, bring to you, but some tips about this super brand, in handbags fills with elegant and full of charm. Continue reading

What a Bra Should I Use?

Like the neckline Gypsy? See suggestions of bras to accompany ciganinha blouse and the Gypsy dress, next spring/summer trends!

If you like fashion and likes to keep up with the trends on the Internet have probably noticed a strong trend coming around: the Gypsy neckline, shoulder to shoulder neckline that super charming and feminine that gives a touch of sensuality in any look.

In different textures, fabrics and prints, some with more details other more basic, it’s worth investing in a ciganinha shirt to accompany more fluid skirts and pants, and of course: pay enough attention in her bra! Continue reading

Artdeco “Couture Spearmint”

Today I would like to introduce you a varnish, which in my opinion fits colorfully into the summer and with which I had to think after painting directly on a similar varnish. The talk is of the Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer in the color 832 “Couture Spearmint”. The Art Couture Nail Lacquer series has been available in the Artdeco range since the middle of Mayand includes 36 colors. They are characterized by a new brush which is designed to facilitate application. By a special gel-based film former the paints dry very quickly. A 100% herbal bio-elasticizing agent is said to keep the texture elastic even after drying and thereby increase the durability.

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