HTC Thunderbolt with 2 GHz Overclocking

One of the technical specifications that most have to look on a mobile is the type and the its microprocessor speed, because thanks to him we will achieve that performance is better or worse. Currently there is no much difference in air speeds, since almost all brands are turning to the same manufacturers, because development and own production involves a research and costs that not everyone can keep, so the fight at high speeds is very limited. Continue reading

GeeksPhone Zero Already on Sale

Anyone who wants to have a good Android mobile and do not want to tie to a company, with 18 month contracts and their respective rates or minimum consumption, perhaps not suited to us, we have today a good alternative.

Already is on sale the GeeksPhone Zero. A mobile media with a set price range, It may be the ideal companion for virtual mobile operators, which offer data rates very low but usually do not subsidize good terminals. Continue reading

Nexus S with Vodafone from Today

Yes The Phone House put by surprise on sale last week the Nexus S, today Vodafone It does the same thing. Just put on sale, from today, the Nexus S in Spain, exclusively until may.

We assume that the exclusivity will be through operators, where only Vodafone shall sell it subsidized, while The Phone House sell it free and with its own subsidies as this doing, which you can buy cheaper if we catch him with Orange or Yoigo. Continue reading

Cyanogenmod Says Goodbye to HTC Dream and HTC Magic

It is inevitable to feel sadness or melancholy with a finish, but it is also law of life that everything that begins also has a term. Despite being the first Android-era banners worldwide, the HTC Magic and HTC G1 (Dream) they arrived at the twilight of their lives. The first had been eliminated from lists of distributors for several months, while the second can still be found in some stores. Continue reading