Wall Clocks

You have a wall that needs a decorative element and don’t know what to put. How about wall clock? When there is talk about wall decor, we soon in frames, very few people consider the use of clock. With various forms, sizes and design options available, find a match with your decor is not a task that requires great effort. Look good on any wall, can be in the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the Hall, will only add on your decoration. Continue reading

Croatia: Classy Fashion, Attitude and Originality!

Hello people, how are you doing?!?! Today is day of two important events of the 2014 calendar for Brazil. Valentine’s day (congratulations to all you lovers!! Haha) and official opening of the games of the World Cup!! So the feeling of Luxury has a collaborative story coming directly from Croatia, siiiimmm ladies and gentlemen! KKKKK! Today we will know a little more about the fashion of our first opponent on the pitch!! The story was written by John Reinert, he is also a blogger and lives in Zabreg two years ago. Check out his blog, super cool:Croatia for Brazilians . And enough stalling and get to text! Lol Continue reading

The Hublot Big Bang Collection

Disappeared at the age of 32, Bruce Lee, the kung-fu legend, was 75 years old this year. To pay tribute to the legendary Chinese-American actor, the Hublot dedicated a watch, the Spirit of Big Bang for Bruce Lee. The Swiss company also invited the Bruce Lee Foundation to participate in the creation of an exhibition entitled “A Legend Never Dies”.

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How to Indicate the Best Bra Large Breasts

The bra is an important part of the women’s wardrobe. To give comfort, comfort or complement the look, this item should be chosen according to particular needs.

Each body is different and unique. Women do not exist in patterns and numbers, so it is very common to get confused when it comes to buying bras.

With these tips we hope it is easier to understand the needs of customers and indicate the best bra for each one. Continue reading

Back to School

The vacation is already over and soon the second semester classes begin. Then it is time to organize the backpack, see if all the material is complete, if you need to buy some extra book, notebook, pencil, pen and also review the subjects given in the previous units. Nothing better than coming up with the cool things in your head. We have put together some tips for your return to school. Check it: Continue reading