Oxygenos 2.2.0: Update for the Oneplus 2

Already, the our site test showed that the flagship title is killer for the oneplus 2 no empty promise. In addition to a very good processing and modern technology convinced the device with a sleek design. Recently the Smartphone of the Chinese start-ups oneplus without invitation you can buy, which probably increases the popularity. Now, the manufacturer has announced the release of the OS update on oxygenos 2.2.0 on his official forum.

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Offers the update

According to information oneplus fixes the current update settings dual-SIM preferences, problems of the camera app and lets the users that match the color temperature of the screen directly via the quick settings. Another new feature is the now optionally skip search bar in the Launcher. Due to the season, oneplus distributed with the software update also atmospheric Christmas wallpaper equal to. Oxygenos 2.2.0. Based on Android 5.1 and not on the latest version of the Android OS 6.0.
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