Ouya Software Will Be Shown on Other Devices

It’s not surprising that the console Ouya It has failed with many groundbreaking expectations that are attributed, since the adoption of the console is being as little modest, with complaints about the design of the controls and the lack of games. One of the biggest problems that you have been able to see is to have a store that only work on their devices, something that seem determined to change.
In a recent interview, the CEO of Ouya Julie Uhrman, It brought to light some of the future plans of the company. One of the most outstanding will be that they will offer its software for consoles with Android to companies interested in launching your own console with Android, which would allow more exposure to developers.
Those who want to take advantage of the software and services offering Ouya on their own terminals will have to meet a series of requirements that ensure that Ouya games will work for a long time until the hardware is outdated. Is not a bad idea and they have already some contacts at the last CES to discuss future devices.
Remain to see many things that involve, as the subject of updates and als more concrete requirements. At the moment have not confirmed nor the specific companies that will do it, but it is not rare that within a few months was foreshadowed some of them, which would be interesting if you use top components designed to play the latest games.