Outdoor Research Wool Blend T Shirts

Casual T-Shirts for outdoor and in the city

Always a good choice: the T-Shirt is to right of the classics in the closet! It is a real transformation artist and makes excellent at every opportunity. In everyday life and leisure activities it provides together with jeans or shorts for a casual look. The selection leisure is so big and huge T-Shirts – there is every guaranteed find it!

Unique, versatile and super combined

What will it be? Emphasizes simply as solid variant, or beautiful patterned with print – body-close fitting or loose cut? With collar and placket or classic polo shirt with V-neck, round neck or crew neck? There are sufficient ways a shirt the individual style to express.
The classic T-Shirt is made of cotton and was originally worn as a vest. Those days are long gone. Today, the cotton is organic and a chic shirt loosely passes for outerwear and can appear quite. In the outdoor area, Funktionsshirts dominate from synthetic fibres, Merino Wool, or a mixture of both. Especially in movement-intensive sports offer these advantages.

Sports T-Shirts for men and women

not surprising that a matching T-Shirt at every exercise is the ideal clothing. Casual for climbing and bouldering, comfortable for hiking and trekking, and highly functional on the bike! For all applications and for everyone, regardless of whether women’s, men’s, even in suitable sizes for children.
So, the Outdoornachwuchs is also appropriately equipped. T-Shirts in the program have all major brands of throughout, including icebreaker, Maloja, Alprausch, Patagonia, and TNF, for everyday and for every kind of sport leisure chic!

Climbing shirts combine style and function

When it comes out on the rock for climbing and bouldering or Velcro er Hall for training, is a climbing T-Shirt just right! The casual shirts offer great comfort, which allows a great freedom of movement and are made of pure cotton or a mix of fabrics with synthetic fibres. An admixture of functional fibres ensures that the shirt dries faster. < br / > with regard to the processing is a climbing shirt robust and easy to care for. Finally, climbers and boulderers holiday have laundry as ordinary citizens no longer feel like it. Here, a Merionanteil or a smell-retardant treatment are practical, because as a result the shirt can be worn several times, without any unpleasant striking the carrier.

Optimally equipped over hill and Dale: hiking with matching T-Shirts

With a high-quality hiking shirt, nothing in the way is an adventure in the great outdoors! Whether more real classic in the Tartan variant, or modern and sporty with a technical cut: every hiker find the right T-Shirt for his tour! A functional shirt for hiking characterized by fast drying properties and is breathable.
It takes over therefore the humidity TRANS sport in the location system and ensures a pleasant body climate. < br / > details such as breast pockets and offset mounted shoulder seams, which are no scuff marks with the shoulder straps of the backpack, are very practical in the field. Also useful when it comes to multi day tours or hiking tours to hiking in the mountains: a high UV protection!

Casual bike tops with great function

A bike T-Shirt to go mountain biking, or cycling Jersey for all who travel with the racing machine, offers practical advantages that meet the requirements in the saddle. The fabrics used are breathable, moisture-conductive and fast drying. This keeps the rider a pleasantly dry feeling at any time and not unpleasant cools while biking.
Good cycling shirts have an extended back which keeps the kidney area covered and sign up so that no abrasions occur. It goes in the summer high to pass roads with many meters in altitude a UV protection makes perfect sense. Cycling T-Shirts with reflective elements increase the safety on the road and are useful for bicycle commuters, as well as for the sporty driver.