Outdoor Portable Water Purifier

Outdoor water discharge purifiers for water treatment

Availability of drinking water is not taken for granted. Contaminated water can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, chemicals or pesticides. Quickly, the tour is so fast to end than one and with some luck it has maneuvered himself directly in an emergency.
Order to ensure a sufficient supply of drinking water on longer tours outdoor water discharge Purifiers are used. Different versions are available depending on the intended purpose which are based on different mechanisms.
In our shop, you will find a comprehensive selection of tools for water treatment from manufacturers such as, for example, Katadyn, MSR or Steripen.

Various methods for water treatment

Depending on the suspected pollution of water, different methods can be used for cleaning. The different variants at a glance: Chemical water treatment: easy and chemical tablets or solutions are easy. Here usually chlorine, iodine, or silver ions are used to germs to make the even.
Optical water treatment: A simple but effective means to the number of germs is to reduce the use of UV light. What is now standard in large water treatment plants, is now from manufacturers such as, for example, Steripen for on the go available. Mechanical water treatment: outdoor water filters are the classics.
They work with other additional filters, such as, for example, activated carbon filter and ceramic filter cartridges. The MSR water filter is a classical example of this form of water treatment.
Caution: any outdoor water discharge purifiers has different strengths and weaknesses. Observe the instructions in the manual before use. Like to help our customer service for questions about outdoor water discharge purifiers.