Outdoor jackets

The right jacket for any sport and any weather

With fixed climbing irons Mountain boots to the bouldering? It will be hard! Exactly so, with outdoor jacket. These are optimally equipped for every outdoor sports, therefore choosing the right jacket will be deliberate. All have the task to protect the wearer or the wearer from wind and weather, and to create a comfortable body climate. Rain or snow, wind or violent storm, moisture management and protection against the cold are the poles between which moves the function of weather jackets. < br / > at first a jacket is different to the purpose for which it is made. Then for the temperature range and the conditions under which it is carried, and finally in the execution. That sounds before buying more complicated than it is, can be explained easily. What for a jacket takes you to the hiking? What characteristics do need bike jackets? What is it important when running jackets? Good wind jackets look like?

What matters for outdoor jackets

A good outdoor jacket ensures reliable protection against wind, rain and cold and offers the necessary BREATHABILITY. High quality membrane fabric, warm fleece or a full insulation of down or synthetic fibers can do it easily. The cut and so that the fit of the jacket are designed the carrier or the wearer maximum freedom of movement to leave. < br / > outdoor jackets are robust and put hard demands such as for example contact with rock. Also very important: the weight! Because the equipment is applied to multi day hiking and trekking tours over long distances in a rucksack.

Matching function jackets for every purpose

For all-round use in hiking and trekking breathable soft shell jackets, WINDSTOPPER and windbreaker jackets, as well classic Hardshelljacken can be worn as a top layer of clothing. Here the length of the tour, the weather spectrum, the temperatures and the therefore required protection function, integrated into the decision! < br / > double coats, or 3-in-1 jackets show especially versatile. With these you can cover the full spectrum of weather. Therefore, these models are excellent as all weather jackets for travelling. Because they are depending on in which combination she used winter coats, jackets and autumn jackets in one. The warm inner jacket can be easily removed and can be at dry weather worn alone to be. < br / > down jackets and synthetic jackets promise complete protection against the cold at low temperatures. The filling is ensured in chambers against slipping and hence the formation of thermal bridges. Down can be measured heavily compress its thermal performance, synthetic fibre fillings such as Primaloft are moisture-resistant and warm even in unpleasant, cold weather! So, warm insulation jackets have their permission depending on the model of the demanding climb up for the way of the University or in the Office. In the somewhat easier fed variant, this outdoor jackets are a great alternative to traditional winter jackets. < br / > so to speak the Swiss army knife of the functional jackets are good fleece jackets and vests. Because warming, quick-drying fleece is ideal for the location system. Therefore include these jackets in each touring equipment. < br / > but outdoor jackets must not have made of synthetic fibers to be! Wool jackets have excellent, natural features and keep the body just as nice and warm outdoor sports, such as on any other occasion. Merino jackets offer comfort, because their Merino Wool feels absolutely soft and scratch-free on the skin. It is moisture-resistant and has the property to assume no odors even after repeated wear. < br / > sweaty sports are the moisture management, wind protection and mobility in the foreground. Therefore offer an increased breathability bike jackets and running jackets, tailored, made of elastic Softshellgewebe, or equipped with stretch. This applies to both racing jackets, as well as MTB coats and jackets for the everyday driver. < br / > a well-thought-out running jacket protects against wind and the cold front, is super easy and practically equipped. Details such as reflective elements, are effective ventilation and handy pockets for bars, gels or the keychain when jogging and trail running important. < br / >

reliable operation in a suitable look for everyday life and leisure

In everyday life and leisure time, the question arises: manage the balancing act between Nice optics and functional properties? Chic, modern outdoor jackets that get loose! The classic raincoat is excellently suitable for the dog-walking round or the leisurely stroll. A down coat provides warmth in cold and nasty weather. The right outdoor chic in the city comes with a long cut Softshellmantel or a crisp parka and beautiful quilted jackets! < br / > the months in which the weather can not quite decide are particularly tricky for leisure jackets. Well equipped jackets are an ideal solution. Are versatile designed with regard to the facilities and are always used when light summer jackets not sufficiently heavy winter jackets too much of a good would be.

High-quality functional jackets – perfect for outdoor and in town!

A good jacket is a worthwhile purchase for all occasions: whether for hiking and trekking, climbing, traveling on high tour and as reliable, send everyday jacket! The combination of modern function fabrics, high-quality processing, the right cut and the right equipment outdoor jackets make true all-rounders in all weathers!